A statement by Dmytro Yarosh about sentencing of Mykola Karpyuk

Almost coincided, with a difference of one day, there were two events related to the Ukrainian prisoners of war: Nadiya Savchenko returned home, and an astronomical sentence - 22.5 years - was given to the kidnapped by the Russian Security Services Mykola Karpyuk - a patriot and a nationalist, a leader of the UNA-UNSO, who was my substitute in the days when I was heading the movement "Right Sector".

While the fate of Savchenko, when she was a prisoner, was watched by the whole world, and her return was an event of nationwide scale, the abduction of Karpyuk, tortures, to which he and the other person involved in the case Stanislav Klikh, were subjected, the falsified case itself, and now meaningless sentence (because all the fellows of Mykola know that he did not fight in Chechnya) - the Ukrainian government, the international community, either do not react at all, or react to a minimum.

Rejoicing Nadia Savchenko return, we should not forget about one of those who are still in captivity. Even if we manage to return them only after the victory, then we have to make this victory come faster.

I declare that we with my fellows have done, do, and will do everything possible to bring back Mykola Karpyuk home. By means either as an attempt to influence the Ukrainian and international official structures, or as non-standard steps in the military field.

Mykola Karpyuk and all the Ukrainian prisoners of war, contained on the territory of the occupying country and on the Ukrainian territories temporarily controlled by collaborators and Russian-terrorist groups, will return home.

Victory will be ours.

Dmytro Yarosh