Friend “Leman’s” chaplain kit

Chaplain of the UVC RS Friend Leman presents a compact “chaplain kit”, made by himself from the used shells.

Dentists of the UVC. Another dental office

Dentists and prosthetists from Rivne, Ternopil, and Ivano-Frankivsk regions, as true patriots and volunteers, treat soldiers of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps the Right Sector for free. They work almost around the clock… Recently with volunteers help they opened another dental office - this time in the 8th Separate Battalion of UVC “Aratta”.

Starobilsk militia does not welcome patriots


“City in the Sloboda Ukraine, district center in Luhansk Region. It is situated on the south side of the Serednjorusky highlands, on the left bank of the Aidar River. Founded on the territory of the Ostrohozky Regiment in the Sloboda Ukraine.

The Russian-Ukrainian war:

on September 5th 2014, soldiers of the 80th airborne brigade and battalion “Aidar” were caught in an ambush between the village of Metalist and the city of Shchastya. Identified bodies were sent home. 28 unidentified bodies of military personnel were buried in Starobilsk.

- September 2014. At the request of the Academic Society, the Taras Shevchenko Luhansk National University was evacuated to Starobilsk.

- December 28, 2014. Unidentified people did an attack in the city: on Urytsky Street, a device exploded in a garbage can, injuring a 53-year-old soldier and a local resident.

- On August 24, 2015 a memorial to soldiers who fell for the independence of Ukraine was opened at the Memorial of Glory field in Starobilsk.

This is all we can find on the internet about this frontline town. But do we ever learn the truth these half-empty streets silently carry? How much more is going to be left behind? Together with those who disagreed with crimes, with illegal actions, with smuggling. They are not dozens, but hundreds of them. Hundreds of those who will never tell how they were killed, killed by shooting in the back ...

Nice autumn day, maybe even hot, September 5, 2015. Five volunteer fighters have long planned to visit a friend who is currently in the Luhansk region. But they were busy with fighting tasks, raids. And now there was a great opportunity, because volunteers of the Right Sector had been withdrawn from the frontline. As they say, there is no work currently, already visited family, so you can meet with an old friend. It is interesting to tell how it was during the war time, where they were fighting, and even more interesting to hear the other side.

They arrived at the familiar to us town Starobilsk. They spent a night in a rented apartment and in the morning went to see the friend. What car did they use to get there? Obviously the one the volunteers had given to them. Regular minibus, which does not differ from hundreds of the same used in the ATO.

– It’s hot today. Good that I have put on my shorts, - says Sasha.

– Yes, it is fall already, but it’s still hot, - Dima agrees.

The City of Starobilsk is behind, in a few kilometers the old friends will see each other. The mood is good - the friend promised a delicious dinner.

But suddenly the car is stopped by the UBOP of Lugansk region. Immediately sounds an order in tough surzhyk (sociolect of Ukrainian and Russian languages): “Get out of the car, hands behind the head!” With trembling hands a young militant points a shiny brand new tommy gun at the boys. Soldiers do not argue and perform the order, because they know that a frightened man with weapons, even without an order to shoot, could pull the trigger. Still sitting in the car they lift up their hands and open palms to show that the hands are empty. "On the ground, face down" - it looks like a commander yells with uncertain voice. The guys do what he says. At once muzzles of machine guns are touching their backs. Lying, holding his hands behind his head, one of the soldiers noticed an unfamiliar package that miraculously appeared beside them. He speaks loudly about it right away.

Bad job, boys, - lying face to the ground, the boys are making fun of the militia men, - even a dumb one will understand, that while jumping out of the car with open palms and lying down having hands behind heads, with muzzles at the back and face down to the ground, it’s not possible to throw out such a package.

Yes, our fighters had acted as cyborgs and terminators. But that was on the battle fields. Being deprived of movements, they haven’t learned the skill of teleportation (it would be nice, though).

Immediately it becomes clear which turn this detention takes. Police is working in the same dirty way as many years in a row: secretly and intentionally putting unknown substances near detained people (where are the promised reforms, Mr. Minister of Internal Affairs?) Do the stars on the epaulets and a few hundred hryvnia bonuses are worth this abomination?

Or does the law enforcement have another motivation? Otherwise, how to understand the following words:

There are no and never will be any patriots around here!

This was said by the UBOZ-men when they realized that in front of them are fighters of the Right Sector. They began a thorough inspection of the car, detainees, and their personal belongings. Note, the boys were dressed in civilian - shorts, T-shirt, sneakers. No even a small hint of a threat as a man in camouflage. Of course, no weapons. In the car there was their change of clothes: civil-shirts, underwear. Also, as always happens in those who fight - some things from ammunition, such as uniform, ALICE, rangefinder. Well, of course, the car is equipped with a navigation system, because not every day the men travel the roads of Lugansk region.

Police examination is a separate part of the cheap scenario. Law enforcement officers even checked the boys’ pockets, took away a waist pack with documents from one. And...the familiar package miraculously appears in this bag! Instantly there are witnesses and everything is being recorded to a protocol. Fighters are sent to Starobilsk police station where all the documents are checked and they are released. But not all are being released. One soldier is still detained. The militia has to take the show to the end, - the soldier with a long dismissed criminal record was handcuffed. Not without a reason they promised that there will be no Patriots in the Luhansk region. Patriots all will be destroyed physically.

Only later, after reaching home, not even have visited the old friend, the boys noticed the loss of many personal things that disappeared after inspection of the valiant militiamen. And told me about it. Let’s count: black uniform, uniform “Attex”, tunic “multicam”, tactical belts (just pulled out from the pants), t-shirts, underwear and socks, medial tourniquet, knifes (tactical and even regular), gun belts, tactical glasses, chest rig, ALICEs, and personal money of the detained friend Pavuk (Spider) in a sum of $100. As one can guess, the navigation system also disappeared.

You know, I remember every volunteer that gave the boys these things. The navigation system was gifted in the winter, when on our base I sheltered some volunteers who got into an accident. Right then they gave us that GPS. It is complex, designed for scouts. With its help you can see where are swampy areas, where is a field, where is a river, and so on - what you usually could not see neither visually, nor using a regular navigator. Tactical things, including chest rig and glasses were donated by already deceased volunteer from Kherson. The black uniform was sewn by volunteers from Kyiv - for each soldier separately. The uniform “Attex” was donated by the former Right Sector soldier. ALICEs were donated by co-fighters, who just shared their ammunition. The t-shirts and underwear were given by their girlfriends. The rangefinder was given to the boys by their commander Andriy. This way, piece by piece, the boys collected everything they need for the most efficient fighting. And at one point, after meeting with the militia - our militia, not separatist’s - they loose everything that is so difficult to get. All the things were given to them with gratitude and respect for risking their health and lives while protecting Ukraine. Voluntarily, by the call of heart.

Without pay. Only gratitude to volunteers and those who care prevents them from getting disappointed in the correctness of what they do. And what does the militia do for it - face to the ground, to the land for which they are fighting for more than a year, that piece of land they would never give to the enemy.

“There will be no patriots here!” - Outraged boys are quoting the militia commander. And add, - Well, we will see!

Congratulation to our friend “Dali” with the happiest day in his life!

Today a birth of another Right Sector family took place in the Holy Pokrova Church: UVC fighter friend "Dali" married his beautiful bride Olenka. The combat brothers congratulate them with this significant event, as the combat brothers are the people who not only share the bitterness of war, but also the moments of happiness. On this day in Heaven another everlasting union was concluded, on this day on Earth another happy family was formed. We wish you happiness, love, peace, and plenty of little children, while the peace on our land we will attain with our joint efforts! Glory to the Nation!

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Dear, please forgive us

It’s been a year!!!

I have been with the 5th Separate Batallion UVC “The Right Rector” for the whole year. I have seen a lot during this year. I’ve seen soldiers, who came after several months of training, but still couldn’t go to war. I’ve seen girls coming to arrange their personal lives, but left with nothing. I’ve seen incredibly fanatical heroism of 19-21-year-old boys, who gave up their young, full of efforts, beliefs, and strengths life for Ukraine. I’ve seen fathers, grandfathers, who don’t fight with weapon, but still give away all their energy driving soldiers to/from the front line without rest for 2-3 days.

I’ve seen a woman, who left everything behind and volunteers without any pay. I have seen weddings and divorces of fighters. I’ve seen people go crazy and those who slowly come back to reality after terrible multiple contusions. I’ve seen and felt, how sniper worked up our car, when we were driving back from Pisky, but didn’t get us. I’ve heard the roar of rival artillery in Pisky.

But the simple, trivial question coming from the mother of a soldier: “And where is he going now?”, - knocked me down. For the first time I didn’t know, didn’t understand what to answer. Many times I informed relatives of our fallen fighters (experiencing this loss with them, draining down my spirit) about their death… But today’s question simply knocked me down...

We over here see our own reality. The war. The country for which we are ready to die. But… Over there, in the rear are those who love us, who worry, who pray for us every day. It’s easier for us to tell them that everything is alright, don’t worry, be happy, it’s a must. But how it is for them to live there? How it is for those, who do not understand why and where you’re going, to accept your “everything is alright”? I am in despair…

P.S. My dear daughter, I definitely know I am here for you, for your future. Forgive me for growing up without a mother for a year. I love you, my sun, as much as I love my country. You are mommy’s smart girl, you will understand.

P.P.S Relatives and friends, support your soldiers. They need your support!

We, the followers of Bandera, we are coming!

Leads us to the battle the fallen fighters’ glory,
For us, the highest in the law and order
Is the United Sovereign Ukrainian State,
From San to Caucasus, free and strong!
The march of Ukrainian Nationalists.

It is being said that during the several hundred years of national liberation struggle the Ukrainian nation lost the best, the most intelligent, the most conscious people. Others, with rabbit souls, have adapted, bent. Isn’t it the reason why we are now lacking real Cossacks, because we are the descendants of those "swineherds and peasants" that had survived with lowered head.

I want to agree with the above statement when during the war in Donbass, in peaceful areas I meet robust men of military age not in the military, but in bars and clubs, in expensive cars. Yes, in part it’s the fault of our unter-state, not able to take advantage of the explosion of patriotic feelings for the mobilization and victory. However, not only youth in bikini on the beaches of the Black Sea is trying to ignore the war, but many of us, not mobilized/still passing the medical examination (maybe it will blow over?), do it here and today.

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Saint Panteleimon blessed UVC warriors

A ceremonial service was conducted on August 9, 2015, in the Saint Panteleimon church of Ukrainian Orthodox Church of Kharkov eparchy – Kiev patriarchate in Tankopii Str. dedicated to the natal day of Saint Panteleimon, the faith healer, one of the most revered saints and the patron saint of the church.

The soldiers of the 15th reserve battalion of UVC “The Right Sector” took part in the ceremonial service.

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His Name Was "Warrior"

Sometimes it comes to the mind that there is nothing easier than to say: "That's it. I am tired. These people do not want to live differently." Then to take a suitcase, to pack the cloths and children's toys, to throw my resident's card into the purse compartment; to write down a quotation of one of my friend's grandfather as the epigraph in a diary, who was the officer in the Polish Army, survived the Hitlerian captivity, fought together with the UIA (the Ukrainian Insurgent Army) and spent 25 years in Stalin's camps; as there is no reason to panic, to call for something or hope for anything, because the ethnic Ukrainians are almost destroyed and those, who are left, are the children of swine herders, serfs, traitors, but not of warriors or leaders.

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