Dmytro Yarosh about the relevance of the judicial reform

Dmytro Yarosh about the relevance of the judicial reform

In connection with the information resonance caused by yesterday's presence of Dmytro Yarosh in the Parliament and his vote for the judicial reform "Sector of the Truth", Dmytro Yarosh was asked to comment on the matter.

Dmytro Yarosh: "I purposely voted for the judicial reform. I'm sure more than ever and have always talked about it, that the judicial system of Ukraine needs drastic changes. During my many trips to the East I constantly faced the same problem: the separatists and their accomplices who were arrested and declared guilty suddenly after the trial found to be free. This situation exists not only in the East. It is at the court where the large number of high-profile cases is being inhibited.

Our judicial system is corrupt and rotten all the way through, so this issue must be addressed urgently. I realize that the proposed reform is not perfect, and probably in need of discussion and revision, but to leave the situation as is, is simply impossible.

I have always consciously acted and will act further for the radical changes in the country. The adopted reform is just the beginning on the long road of reconstruction of the Ukrainian judicial system."

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