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Friend Dana talks about violent clashes outside Kiev's parliament

Тhe purpose of this meeting is not clear to me personally.

Here are a few controversial options as for this incident:

- If the goal was to draw public attention to unconstitutional laws, legally justified claims to the Constitutional Court would have to be the result of this meeting.

- If the goal was to attack the parliament and physically seize power, it would not be a spontaneous protest, but the planned operation.

In fact, none of the scenarios took place, so the goal still remains vague.

On the other hand, the organizers and the police had to take care of the event security and prevent possible provocations.

(By the way, the Right Sector carried out all its previous actions with maximum emphasis on the security measures.)

But the meeting organizers do not have to have extensive knowledge of operational work in the field of law enforcement. Therefore, laying on them full responsibility is absurd.

But many questions arise to the police.

In particular about their qualifications:

- Firstly, Minister Avakov has publicly violated the law on the presumption of innocence. He accused the Ukrainian citizen in a serious crime without investigation and trial, with only personal conclusions from what he saw on the Internet (!!!).

What can we demand from ordinary citizens, if the chief guardian of the law violates the law? He must be punished as any violator of the law. Special services {not common people) must do this.

- Secondly, the police committed a number of unprofessional actions that allowed people to use weapons of war in the city center freely.

What would have happened if the supporters of Pushilin or some other terrorists decided to seize the parliament of Ukraine? Guilty officials would have had to be punished for such negligence and lack of professionalism by order of the Minister of the Interior Ministry. But this did not happen. It speaks about incompetence of minister Avakov, and it is his duty to resign.

I summarize: in my vision of the current situation, the cause of all these incidents is the omission of the authorities that have not taken the opportunity to organize a referendum that the community had offered. Citizens outraged by inaction and impunity of those in power. If it goes further, "senseless and merciless" revolt may erupt. These unfortunate managers may lead to the collapse of the State.

I want to express condolences to the families of the victims on all sides. We all sympathize with the soldiers of the National Guard, firefighter and detained boys. And it is only beginning. If the police doesn’t take appropriate measures, senseless bloodshed will remain possible.

Thus, citizens, keep common sense, operate and work only in the interest of the proper purpose, do not follow any loud calling. But do not sit on the sidelines when it is possible to make implementation of Ukrainian Independent Unite State.

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