Vade mecum: go with me (to the waving)

Because your patriotism is festive clothes,
And mine is the hard work,
The unrestrained fever.
Ivan Franko

Today there is no fool or obtuse person in Ukraine. The president, government, parliament officials-oligarchs are celestial. I say about us, usual. We are all intelligent and patriotic. Perhaps if we cut from the global network a piece of the Ukrainian Internet and by Ukrainian technology transform it to an energetic drink this would be enough to fly around the solar system three times and to plow a neighbour’s field a little. If we get together all suggestions of the way how to get out of the crisis-win Putin-build the state, by the Soviet criteria of obtaining academic titles we would have somewhere half a million of good Ph.D. and doctoral degrees. If the level of theoretical patriotism translates into action, there will appear the Great Ukraine from the Baltic Sea to the Black Sea.

But we have what we have: the government is only simulating reforms, reposing on the western injection. The Yanukovych’s internal occupation regime is being recovered at the time of repressions of nationalists; people are pouring blood in the war and chokes off poverty. Oligarchs, bureaucrats, politicians are getting rich and fat.

We quickly calmed down. All. Each in his/her way. Hurried up to return to a quiet, peaceful life, because we are people. And then the democratically elected president, parliament, local governments must work. However, so-called democratically-elected authorities came to the power by the way that covered by bodies of the Heaven Hundred. They as predecessors turn into a private limited company for the exploitation of the Ukrainian people. "Children of knights" again became "swineherds"...

Stand up - Ukraine needs us. Do not fear. Even if it is harder, tougher and more dangerous than we have done. Yes, today the cases against nationalists are being fabricated, volunteer movement is being decimated (only Ukrainian Volunteer Corps and battalion OUN stay up), prosecutors of the courts produces repressions. Despite everything, the current government is not ready to go to the end of the regime of internal occupation, they saw the Maidan breakdown. These are convulsions of the system, and the only revolution will surgically cut off metastases of the past.

Let us not be "illegitimate sons of humanity". We, Ukrainians, have been living for thousands of years on this land, which was given to us by the God. We always meet guests with bread and salt, although some of them then enslaved us. However, being oppressed for centuries, we arose and broke the backbone of the next occupant. Maidan turned the Soviet page of russification and denationalization. We stopped the Russian aggression together. It remains only one thing - to get rid of the authorities or to forse them to act in the interests of the nation and the state.

Let us more often raise our heads to the stars and look closely in the flickering light. Some say that a myriad of star sparkles is the eyes of those who lived before us, fought for us, and went to the kingdom of God for us. They are the deep eyes in the night sky, as if the icons of saints, seeing into the soul of each of us. Silently, but if they asked something, words would come from the depths of space, maybe, to our great-grandchildren... yes, great-grandchildren, if we, so patriotic on Internet and diffident, would have them...

The God definitely will not punish us, because we could not win quickly, but will never forgive us if we did not struggle. So let you draw yourself from the facebook’s arms, shake passive deception, feel like a real man. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? If necessary, it is possible!

Turned off? Quietly kiss the sleeping wife and to go to us.

Congratulations, buddy, you have conquered a fear inside yourself, and together we will overcome every adversity.