Farce by the "fifth column’s" script

Rostyslav Vynar

We offer you a serious polemical article on the recent developments in our movement, written on behalf of the Dnipropetrovsk OO NLM "the Right Sector" by our fellow Rostyslav Vynar.

The work is great, interesting, and deserves careful reading and constructive discussion.

A detailed opinion of the Dnipropetrovsk regional organization NLM "The Right Sector"

During the last week in the life and activities of the National Liberation Movement "The Right Sector" a number of things happened that can implicitly and directly affect the further development of the nationalistic movement, the historical path of Ukraine and Ukrainian people. These events required a rapid and comprehensive review, response, and explanation from the movement “The Right Sector”. And such explanations are provided in the form of statements from various people, "authorized" in one way or another, or as "personal and painful." But sometimes they are served in a format, which in turn requires a response by asking further questions rather than providing clear answers. To stay away from this controversy, to hide in the shell of pseudo-neutrality means to leave our brothers, fighters, and activists in lurch.

Concerning some of these statements we would like to draw attention of all the supporters and members of “the Right Sector” movement to certain explaining circumstances that remained outside the column.

Sworn brotherhood vs. mastery.

The chronology of the events is all known, the content and display to the public is remembered. It is the conference held on November 08, 2015 in Kyiv by the activists of the NLM The Right Sector, where the Leadership of the Movement was elected - according to the Leader Dmytro Yarosh - "another Leadership", but referred to by the same official statements and the Information Resources of the NLM RS as "authoritative Leadership consisting of few people with increased responsibility." Also the elected Leadership proclaimed a new strategy: “immediate announcement of distrust to the current government in Ukraine and deployment of the immediate revolutionary struggle”. As a result of this conference on 11.11.2015 the leader of the movement D. Yarosh issued the statement, and there were numerous statements from the structural and territorial subdivisions of the Right Sector. Finally, on 11/12/2015 on the official website of the Right Sector and in the personal blogs of the Internet social networks were announced, referred to at the beginning of this article, the explaining statements (as we understand provided in coordination with the authoritative Leadership with increased responsibility), which stated that the Leader had been misled about the conference and its results by the persons pursuing their own commercial interests and are irresponsible and ambitious schemers/intelligence agents, and the Leader himself is a connoisseur of anti-revolutionary theory and ideas.

Dnipropetrovsk regional organization of NLM the Right Sector one of the first on 11.11.2015 reported its position regarding the results of the conference, the statement by Dmytro Yarosh, and the situation in the NLM RS. So, obviously, we take upon ourselves made by the "center" shyly un-personified charges.

Departing from such a shy demagogy and rhetoricality of the questions, we take upon ourselves the courage to say directly about the charges laid.

Yes, the conference was held by a small board of the Right Sector. But it was supposed to discuss the work issues for the next general congress of the Movement, which would define the strategy and tactics of further struggle and elect personal staff of the highest governing body. And to the direct question of the head of the Dnipropetrovsk regional organization to take into account the wishes of the Leader and the need to consider these issues only in the format of the Congress of the Movement, one of the speakers at the conference Andrii Stempitsky (friend "Letun") individually and directly refused to answer, contemptuously declining each of the ordinary Movement members their rights to expression of their opinions and positions.

We do not 'want to ask, "we affirm that the formation of the overall strategy of the National Liberation Movement is possible only by the general meeting, with a comprehensive consideration of the position of the Leader and all existing Leadership, taking into account the opinions of those who with blood, sweat, struggle, and labor fight for the Ukraine's victory, both on the front line and internally. We assert that the usurpation of power in the National Liberation Movement is not possible neither by one person, nor five, nor few dozens. Doesn’t matter what expanded authority or responsibility for themselves they have announced. Because we are talking about the entire Ukraine during confrontation with the enemy, who exists and is playing with muscles in the globalized world of the 21st century.

One cannot talk about legitimacy, effectiveness, or responsibility of any collegial body of the NLM, while for months no one took the courage to do the least that could be done by presenting hard work on at least some statutory provisions of the NLM where everyone would understand the structure, rights, duties, and responsibilities, not to mention the many other outstanding problems. You cannot talk about the responsibilities and duties of the self-selected governing bodies that do not even want to consider that the National Liberation Movement in Ukraine is a movement that must become popular in order to be successful, it's a lot of individuals who have a common goal, not a narrow sect, not a business corporation with the majority shareholders. And the future of the country, strategy of the struggle, its principles, methods, and ways cannot be solved in a closed, with artificially limited access, camarilla.

Those seeking such secrecy and non transparency within the organization, often forget to call those who are close "a brother", to follow the slogan with which we won - "Together and to the end!" And as a result, we don’t have a structured organization with clear discipline and subordination, with unity, mutual trust and motivation on the basis of equal opportunity for everyone to become the best in the struggle and work. But instead we get implementation of the distorted principle of "democratic centralism" within a closed-group that becomes a syndicate (almost like the famous Politburo CK KPSU), subsequently leading to the mutual accusations, substitution of concepts and facts, anarchy, and division. And we already see who benefits from this among our enemies and opponents. Whether it is coming from inside the "fifth column" or from only a few adventurers or schemers, but they do achieve results with the simple methods known from the time of Greece and Rome, playing with the simple human weaknesses.

Signs of the revolutionary urgency and opportunity.

Some of the new ideologists - reporters of the Movement, simply "publicists in the social networks", and interpreters of the Idea and Order of nationalism rather cleverly took advantage of the situation and began to juggle with precepts and canons of nationalism and revolutionary struggle, substituting concepts with labels, disregarding facts. And in the eruption of its talented opinions they divided the National-Liberation Movement by "rebels" and "moderate", "revolutionary" and "opportunists", even - "followers of Bandera" and "followers of Melnyk". This is an efficient and effective tactic of contention, the best implemented and untwisted some time ago by so-called "Bolsheviks" inside one revolutionary movement.

The main enemy of this tactic is again - unity, equality, brotherhood, subordination, and discipline.

In detail: accusations in inactivity of the Movement’s Leader in a statement on behalf of NLM RS named "A comedy under a foreign intelligence direction", some with the unfounded allegations, such as the "anti-revolutionary thesis of D. Yarosh", inefficiencies of the Leadership; flow of statements from the “reporters” of the seems to be renewed Movement; Varvara Chornoivanenko writes about her "urgency to throw up" regarding the friend "Bohema", about the "elegant provocation" of the friend "Yastrub", about the busts of Lenin and the chocolate SPA-swamp, speaking about military fellows; friend "Harley" on behalf of the "Right Youth" talks about the demoralizing factor of the Leader’s statements, cult of personality, idolatry, and as the opposition to the above - the need for immediate "revolutionary" actions and many other such statements and comments.

I would like to ask - why are you not yet on the Bankova Street? Is it because the leader and "the followers of Melnyk" do not let you out of the house? But we have promised to move away from the rhetorical demagoguery, we do have some answers and a clear understanding of the actual situation.

The purpose of the entire National-Liberation Movement is establishment of the Ukrainian Independent State. A state is what you not only need to establish, but also to maintain and manage, and to develop. Like any other construction, the political construction involves certain political mechanisms, ways, methods, technologies. A state - is not ephemeral theoretical concept, but a concrete reality, based on the use of concepts such as government, economics, politics, legislation and more.

In order to build out of Ukraine, in the state in which it currently is, a coveted UIS, certainly revolutionary changes are needed. Dramatic and irreversible, without half measures. And the way of the construction is exclusively revolutionary. But how many of the demagogues of the information front line fully understand what is a revolution, a war, the realities of today, and how a real revolution differ from a situational uprising, a bloody act with unpredictable consequences?

1. Resources, above all - human ones. Of course, in the present socio-economic situation the majority of citizens of Ukraine directly and clearly not pleased with the current government. The revolutionaries must change the government themselves, taking it into their hands and immediately implementing truly revolutionary changes in all spheres of life. According to the history the power can be obtained as a result of an armed uprising or the choice of the majority of peaceful citizens.

Armed uprising have chances of urgent success in a case of securement of the mass and active support of the majority. This mass is obtained through agitation and propaganda. How many voters voted in the peaceful environment for the Right Sector at the election in October 2014? 2%. How many of them will be ready to take arms in their hands to bring the same Right Sector to power? And it was, recall, in October 2014 - almost at the peak of patriotic sentiment in the country. Yes, agree - many did not come to the polls. But those people, obviously, moreover will not take arms. And there was no life motivation by catastrophes in the present generation - no Holodomor, collectivization, or destruction, just calm and decadent life.

We have the answer to why this is happening - this is miscalculation and inactivity in the field of agitation and propaganda by the same reporters-revolutionaries that now descend bile. This is what has not been done and is not being done at all, not counting girls' selfies.

2. Resource, financial and material. We hope all are well aware what are security, logistics, and communication, especially in the situation of an armed conflict. Of course, we can assume that some Ulyanov-Blank has arrived in Ukraine by train with German money. Maybe someone expropriated all this time, and not raided in his own favor. But, honestly looking into each other's eyes, after communicating with volunteers, we know: no, this is just a fantasy, there are no sufficient resources.

3. Techno genic and geopolitical factors. Today is 2015, not 1915, and not 1945. We all know what are energy, urbanization, population density in cities, power enterprises, and energy traders; dangerous, chemical, and other production. Finally, four nuclear power plants with 15 power units, and the "Pipe" which EU is heated from. We know what are the IAEA, for example, the UN, the EU, "peacekeepers." These factors and procedures did not exist a hundred years ago, even seventy years ago. We understand very well - how can all end up if we don’t have a clear and thorough plan and tactics, instruments and tools for immediate negotiations, mild blackmail, or persuasion. Behind the constant talk about the great strategy, no one has thought out and developed daily and detailed approach.

Again in a brotherhood style honest answer to each other - do we understand that military contingents will be introduced from several sides at once? Yes, we understand, as well as the fact that in this case we will be shamed and destroyed by our own people and our own army.

4. Necessity of urgent stabilization of the state, support of the government, the economy, the army. We already know that the revolutionary changes must be carried out immediately and throughout Ukraine. Otherwise we get a dozen of "Donbass" and "Krymnash". Law application and law enforcement vehicles are not yet ready for the total revolution. The economic-administrative apparatus is not ready, the economy will get in the hands of crooks and adventurers, who will try to make "quick money" and then to get lost abroad. Can we now confidently say that at least part of the army and the generals would take the side of the revolution while having the current war in the East? If so - then we are adventurers.

Structurization of the movement involves personal responsibility of every commander, every primary organization, cell, and division. The organization of the Dnipropetrovsk Region is willing to speak for itself. But we also are ready to ask - do all others realize how many strategic enterprises with continuous or dangerous production cycle they have in their areas; units of the Interior Ministry, Security Service, Armed Forces, Ministry of Emergency Situations, NSU and others, their personnel and weapons; information communications and their administrators, communication centers, financial institutions, transportation hubs (aerial, sea, and river ports, railway and highway roads, bridges); power generating and supplying companies; armed private security firms and "titushok" and so on? Is the adequate informational and propaganda work carried out everywhere? Will the revolutionary explosion really be pervasive with the existing real components? And the next morning everything will work ...

And finally, if we are wrong, if objectively there is not only a revolutionary urgency, but also an opportunity; if all the "prosecutors" become aware that we need the entire Ukraine, and not a few buildings in the capital; victory, and not some bloody days in Kyiv; and if they convince us that they actually have prepared everything - then yes, we will all be there, even ahead.

The role of an individual in history.

And finally, if we are wrong, if objectively there is not only a revolutionary urgency, but also an opportunity; if all the "prosecutors" become aware that we need the entire Ukraine, and not a few buildings in the capital; victory, and not some bloody days in Kyiv; and if they convince us that they actually have prepared everything - then yes, we will all be there, even ahead.

And, at last, we would like to warn those who make loud statements in the media and on the internet resources with rather free interpretation pertaining to certain tenets of the Ukrainian nationalism. In the above statements by the above individuals as protective mantra is being repeated: "do not take out the garbage from the house" as well as unclear excerpts from the works of Stepan Bandera, with which the commentators, in an attempt to protect their ambitious plans, are trying to fight the "cult of a person", "idolatry," declaring insignificance of any individual to the Idea and Order of the nationalistic movement.

We are all well aware of the situation, as well as to what these insinuations can lead. Taking upon yourself the "increased responsibility" to say "A", quote all the alphabet. There are historical characters and there are historical figures. There is a pseudo-democracy to a limited number of people, and there is a hierarchy, subordination, and discipline on the basis of individual choice available for even ordinary members of each organization. There are individuals who were required and raised by a historical process and were approved by the people; persons, the surrounding world considers to be authorized representatives of a certain power, structure, movement; in a war, in civilian life, politics, etc. And there are just those who enjoy power, and subjectively seek to grasp already taken and currently not free place.

No need with excerpts from classic to try to narrow everyone to a "cog" in the mechanism, which someone decided to steer independently. Yes, from the perspective of an ideological and political movement, individual is a variable component. "The places of the ones that die or become inactive, or depart are taken by the new ones", - Stepan Bandera is being cited. But this is not the word about those who are "inactive", or "leave" intrigues and speculations behind.

After making such statements, please, say whether you have overcome idolatry, or cult of personality to others. After making such interpretations, exposing them as a shield in your farce, read the Decalogue once more, as an example of a character and life righteousness of a Ukrainian nationalist. They are imbued with the spirit of an individual, with the spirit of upbringing of an individual, which "even one is a soldier in the field", which will, by the free and conscious choice, follow the way of the Idea and Order.

On the contrary, while distorting facts, there is no need to contemptuously call debates and discussions as "taking out the garbage from the house", at least explore the etymology of the phraseologism.

When trying to undermine the role and importance of each fellow or role of a person in history, and trying actually to eliminate someone, at least do not appeal to the elite of the Ukrainian national idea. It's absurd, your ignorance is similar to the criticism of the “Young Hegelianism” by Marx and Engels . So long and you will start singing "The Internationale"...

Glory to the Heroes! Glory to Ukraine! Together and to the end!

On behalf of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional organization of the NLM “The Right Sector” –
the head of the regional organization, founder and lieutenant of the VO “Tryzub” in the name of Stepan Bandera, friend “Spys”

Rostyslav Vynar.