At 5 o'clock in the morning, civilians in Ukrainian cities woke up from the explosions.

Sharing information with each other and on social networks, they learned that explosions were heard not only in the capital, but also in Kharkiv (the glow in the suburbs was seen from the downtown), Mykolaiv, Odesa. So far, this is all information the "Sector of Truth" possesses.

It is also known that there is massive shelling along the entire frontline. The Kremlin maniac could not restrain his hands.

Friends, do not rely on the humanism and mercy of the enemy!

Remember our history, remember our glorious ancestors! We are the descendants of the glorious Cossacks!

We know how to fight.

Adrenaline is normal. It will pass soon, and anger and the desire to fight will return.

God is with us.

Our army is with us.

The truth is with us. We believe! We act! We will win!

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Ukrainian Volunteer Army fighters demine apartment houses in Mykolaiv area

Here are the gifts the enemy leaves on our land!

Moscow media say their troops are redeploying.

But we know that they are fleeing from our soldiers. However, it is still impossible to live in the territories left by the orcs.

Now there are volunteers of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army – Resistance Movement South, who are liberating Ukrainian lands in Odesa, Mykolaiv, Kherson and Dnipropetrovsk regions from hostile explosive "gifts".

Just look, how the primordial enemy of Ukraine spoiled our land!

Ukraine Is a Global Guarantor of Food Security

The Ukrainian government considers sowing 2022 one of the most critical areas along with the military confrontation and the situation in nuclear energy. Why is it so important for Ukrainians to sow grain, sunflower and other crops in time? Why is Ukraine's agriculture now under the watchful eye of the whole world?

As ordinary citizens, we are accustomed to consider our state corrupt, weak, and incapable of anything. We have been fed this rotten information product from outside for decades; many people willingly consumed this product, and only specialists were interested in the facts. Why they were not interested in making these facts public is a big question for future analysis. For now, let us just face the facts and consider once more: is the state of Ukraine really so unimportant on the world stage? Let us consider only agriculture for now.

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The War As Reality

Waiting enemy fire in the long sleepless nights provoke long reflections and the adrenaline rush of the first day of the war sets their theme and direction.

Today, the Ukrainian military is restoring historical justice, giving a worthy resistance to our primordial enemy. The Moscow horde, the Bolshevik invaders, the new Russian fascists call them whatever you want. There is the only thing that remains the same: they come to us from the North, East and South and have one goal: to destroy the Ukrainians as a nation.

History repeats itself in a spiral, and every few decades we are forced to repel the onslaught of well-armed lumpens who have only one desire: to kill. However, each new round leads us to new levels of resistance and gets us closer to the final victory.

After 1654, we gradually lost our statehood. In the early 20th century, we gained independence for a short time. During World War II we fought on two fronts with the world's strongest armies: the Soviet and the Fascist ones, and then resisted for more than ten years.

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March, 14, the Volunteer's Day in Ukraine

We are the volunteers. We are people of idea, action, and good will. It is always difficult with us. It is hard for the authorities, officials, leaders, and commanders at all levels. Why is it so? For we have the freedom to maneuver that the executives, being bound by statute, regulations, and salary, do not have. We have faced with this so many times for the last three years of war that one cannot count.

Coordinating our combat operations and maneuvers with the commanders of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the ATO command, we always had a freedom in relation to the obsolete army rules and soviet-type bureaucracy - the battalions were built as military necessity and our possibilities dictated us but not the instructions covered with gunpowder. We were armed with what could be obtained or made by our craftsmen's hands.

We are inconvenient as the authorities can't understand how they can influence us. Despite the daily fights with the enemy at the forefront we are constantly present in the information battles. The provocations were staged against us, then our fighters were arrested or a base of one of the battalions was surrounded.

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Action "Give the deserved recognition to the Volunteers!" at the Kyiv regional council

Today the National Movement "Action" held an event "Give the deserved recognition to the Volunteers!” at the Kyiv regional council.

The event was attended by activists, volunteers of ATO, participants of the hottest military battles with the invaders of Ukraine, who after two years of warfare are still not recognized as ATO participants. Therefore, they and their families do not receive adequate support from the state, and most importantly - they do not have an official recognition as defenders of Ukraine.

That is why a draft resolution "On the status of the war veterans-volunteer combatants" was submitted to the Kyiv Regional Council, which also will be submitted to the local councils throughout Ukraine. This document is intended to recognize the volunteers who participated in the fighting in the area ATO as fighters for the freedom and independence of Ukraine and introduce the following concepts to the Ukrainian legislation: volunteering war veterans, disabled volunteering war veterans, and volunteers involved in fighting. Accordingly, the financing costs associated with the introduction of these concepts will be at the expense of the local budgets in the manner prescribed by the Law of Ukraine "On the status of war veterans and warranties of their social protection".

Today the draft resolution "On the status of the war veterans-volunteer combatants" was admitted by the relevant committee of the Kyiv regional council for consideration. According to the preliminary information, our draft resolution will be submitted to the session of the Council on June 14. So, we thank everyone who have contributed to our action and who are helping our soldiers to get the deserved title of defender of Ukraine.

A representative of the National Movement "Action" is running for the Parliament

The Central Election Commission accepted a package of documents for registration of a parliamentary candidate in the midterm elections to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on July 17, 2016 from Hlahovych Mykhailo Vasylovych. The candidate is self-nominated, running from the 85th constituency (Ivano-Frankivsk region).

Mykhailo Hlahovych can rightly be considered a candidate to become a deputy from the new generation because he is not a representative of the "old faces" and not involved in dubious political processes. Instead, from the age of 17 he worked in the field of public health. He worked his way up from nurse to surgeon, PhD, associate professor. He has about 50 scientific papers and 4 patented inventions.

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Dmytro Yarosh about the relevance of the judicial reform

In connection with the information resonance caused by yesterday's presence of Dmytro Yarosh in the Parliament and his vote for the judicial reform "Sector of the Truth", Dmytro Yarosh was asked to comment on the matter.

Dmytro Yarosh: "I purposely voted for the judicial reform. I'm sure more than ever and have always talked about it, that the judicial system of Ukraine needs drastic changes. During my many trips to the East I constantly faced the same problem: the separatists and their accomplices who were arrested and declared guilty suddenly after the trial found to be free. This situation exists not only in the East. It is at the court where the large number of high-profile cases is being inhibited.

Our judicial system is corrupt and rotten all the way through, so this issue must be addressed urgently. I realize that the proposed reform is not perfect, and probably in need of discussion and revision, but to leave the situation as is, is simply impossible.

I have always consciously acted and will act further for the radical changes in the country. The adopted reform is just the beginning on the long road of reconstruction of the Ukrainian judicial system."

”Action” activists from Khmelnytsky: “Victory!”

Today, on June 1, the ”Action” National Movement activists picketed Khmelnytsky Regional Council to acknowledge volunteer combatants.

About fifty activists of the National Movement "Statehood initiative by Yarosh " from Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, and Rivne regions as well as the city public came to defend the honor and dignity of the battalions fighters from UDA, UNO, "Aydar", and the "Right Sector". After all, these volunteers from the first days of the war came to defend the homeland, but still are not recognized by the state and have no official status.

The coordinator of the Khmelnytsky National Movement “Action” Valentine Bazyliuk appealed to the deputies: "Who is to know better than us as who was the first to take the arms and defend our land? These are our volunteers. These are our glorious cyborgs. These are our glorious sons of Ukraine. You know that Dmytro Yarosh have brought up the draft decision to the Parliament, but our ranks at the top refused it. They need neither volunteers nor the Patriots, they do not need the nation, they do not need Ukraine! That's why we do this nationwide event. Many activists and civil society organizations signed up the draft decision supporting it. In each area the activists of the National Movement “Action” will be bringing the same decision to the session."

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Ukrainian volunteers deserve recognition!

On May 31, 2016 at 10:00 AM activists of the National Movement "Statehood initiative by Yarosh" will picket Ternopil regional council demanding that volunteers of UDD, UNO, "Aydar" and "Right Sector" who participated in the fighting in the ATO area as fighters for freedom and Ukraine's independence to be recognized with the appropriate financial support and official status.

In addition, activists of the Ternopil regional organization of National Movement "Action" already started collecting signatures to support the initiative. Currently 20 heads of public organizations have signed the appeal to the government demanding recognition of the volunteers. As it was stated by the coordinator of the National Movement "Action" in the Ternopil region Dmytro Haidutsky "Ukrainian volunteers, who first took up arms and defended state borders of Ukraine from the occupier, are actually outlaws. After three years of warfare, they are still not recognized as members of ATO. They and their families do not receive adequate support from the state, and most importantly - the volunteers are denied the official status as defenders of Ukraine. Lawyers of the National Movement "Statehood initiative by Yarosh" have prepared and are planning to serve the Ternopil regional council a draft decision "Regarding the status of war veterans and volunteer combatants." Ternopil asks the public to come and support our initiative, for while volunteers are fighting - we live peacefully! "

Press service of the Ternopil regional organization of the National Movement "Action"
+38 067-396-82-99

A statement by Dmytro Yarosh about sentencing of Mykola Karpyuk

Almost coincided, with a difference of one day, there were two events related to the Ukrainian prisoners of war: Nadiya Savchenko returned home, and an astronomical sentence - 22.5 years - was given to the kidnapped by the Russian Security Services Mykola Karpyuk - a patriot and a nationalist, a leader of the UNA-UNSO, who was my substitute in the days when I was heading the movement "Right Sector".

While the fate of Savchenko, when she was a prisoner, was watched by the whole world, and her return was an event of nationwide scale, the abduction of Karpyuk, tortures, to which he and the other person involved in the case Stanislav Klikh, were subjected, the falsified case itself, and now meaningless sentence (because all the fellows of Mykola know that he did not fight in Chechnya) - the Ukrainian government, the international community, either do not react at all, or react to a minimum.

Rejoicing Nadia Savchenko return, we should not forget about one of those who are still in captivity. Even if we manage to return them only after the victory, then we have to make this victory come faster.

I declare that we with my fellows have done, do, and will do everything possible to bring back Mykola Karpyuk home. By means either as an attempt to influence the Ukrainian and international official structures, or as non-standard steps in the military field.

Mykola Karpyuk and all the Ukrainian prisoners of war, contained on the territory of the occupying country and on the Ukrainian territories temporarily controlled by collaborators and Russian-terrorist groups, will return home.

Victory will be ours.

Dmytro Yarosh