Friend Kozachok

UVC Volunteers. Cozachok

A year ago, the first group of the Right Sector soldiers went to the militant stance at the old airport terminal in Donetsk. They took upon the most dangerous position "Raccoon". 18 volunteers with little or no weapons, nor equipment, nor heavy machinery held the position. Moreover, with the help from the UAF soldiers, the Right Sector men destroyed foe’s Special Forces from Omsk. Later, thanks to our guys, all who fought in the airport will be called “cyborgs”.

Friend Kozachok… A calm, balanced young man. Like most UVC fighters, before Maidan he lived a normal life - errands, friends, family ...Events in the Ukrainian capital touched those strings of his soul which we call Patriotism. After completing certain family affairs, Alexander (the name of our hero) went to the East to defend our land from the Russian terrorists and invaders. While on the front line, along with fellow boys he is sent to a combat mission, which will stay in his memory forever.

The first group - 18 volunteers - occupied the old terminal. Then the whole country started talking about the rightwingers-cyborgs. Moreover, it was the separatists that called them such for the first time. In those battles friend Kozachok with his fellows destroyed some militants from Omsk and burned down several pieces of heavy Russian military equipment. Long after these events the guys will talk about how they spotted a foreign tricolor flag on the military equipment - it was their first fight not with the local separatists, but with the Russian military personnel on our land. Long after these events each one in the group, without exaggeration - a hero, would tell how cold-bloodedly they were destroying enemy a few meters away from them, and how sorry they were for the kitten which was smashed by the blast against the wall.

Kozachok wasn’t resting from this battle for a long time, after a few weeks off, he returns to the war. Sometime later, Alexander will lose two fellows - friend Khrust and friend Sifon. This further tempers the guy, now he has his personal motives toward the enemies of the nation.

Later on there will be new combat missions, new raids side by side with the best friends who have now become brothers in arms. Donetsk airport, Pisky, Debaltsevo, Shyrokino, Shchastya - these are the combat pathways friend Kozachok went through with his friends in arms, risking his young life. The entire year Alexander lived by the laws of war, putting off his private life “for later”. He is handsome, manly attractive, with incredibly bright and clear blue eyes. He could be a gentle lover for his darling, thoughtful father for his children ......But now is a war time. And he cannot stand aside when the evil enemy wants to take up his Country. Once he will give tenderness and warmth to his beloved one, once he will become a caring daddy … But not now...Now, depending on the combat mission, he shares food with fellow soldiers, takes the defense of a particular object in a freezing temperature, goes without sleep for days in anticipation of enemy ... or just takes orders from the commander, defending his country from Russian - terrorist forces. He is one of the best sons of the nation, one of the volunteers, one of the fighters of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps. He fights for the Independence and Unity of Ukraine.