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Entertaining adventures of ‘angry right-wingers’ in Luhansk

Battalion commander Samurai

(Official Message)


Friend Letun, a Corps Commander, has ordered to two battalions (15 and 17 RBAT) to move forward to Stanica Lugans’ka in order to strengthen control over the movement of transport to and from the occupied territory.

On events: after leaving Kharkiv I could not say that everything went smooth and well. There was everything: cars’ breakdowns, and punched wheels, barely creeping minivan, because of which, in principle, the road was delayed. Even though 300 km was not so much. Checkpoints in the Luhansk region were on passwords, which I knew, so there was no problem.

We arrived in Stannycya Luhanska late, even at night. The Head of Administration of Stannycya was aware of our arrival and was waiting for us. Since this was the first line, we drove quickly and with maximum camouflage. The room for us was determined in advance. We quickly unloaded and entered.

After 10 minutes, the neighbours - Lviv frontier guards - came frightened, armed. We explained: who, what, showed documents. Everything seemed to be calm.

Instead of breakfast the morning began when guests from ‘some’ separate battalion of 128 Brigade have come. Guys arrived in three cars; one of them was equipped with a DShK (a heavy machine gun). They quickly unloaded, rather clumsily cordoned off. Officers began to talk to us.

Cordon was not particularly competent. We did not like that they were quite aggressive; weapons kept on edge. On my eyes, a couple of men sent to the machines cartridges, fingers on triggers. Commanders also initially led the conversation in a raised voice. They also showed the documents, identity card of the battalion commander, provided for checking available weapon - a hunting rifle. However, because the headquarters of the sector did not inform them, we were urged to leave the sector of their responsibility.

According to the results, in order not to escalate the situation, we boarded and allowed them to escort us to the so-called Makarov checkpoint.

There was already a meeting with the commander of 128 Brigade, who also announced that the sectors headquarter required us to leave the sector.

I said that, as far as I know, our appearance has been agreed with the sectors headquarter and directly with Nazarkin. Now the commander of the sector changed. Most likely either Nazarkin did not inform that we were coming, or a new commander due to unknown reasons switched on a fool.

We decided to: move to Belovodsk, with the head of the administration, whose contact I had, and could rely on the support.

At the checkpoint at the entrance to the town, we were stopped again. A new circus began: we were asked to leave the car, the car visually inspected for the presence of weapons. We were checked again, our permit for a shotgun and documents were checked. They escorted us to the administration to ascertain whether we knew each other and received explanations, from the head of the administration as well.

After all these manipulations, the situation temporarily calmed (started reports and meetings). During this time, Grachev, the Head of Administration, drove us and showed the room where we could settle down, helped with mattresses, sheets and water.

During the day, the Ukrainian Military Police got in touch with us and requested to clarify where we were or to provide documents of the fighters.

later in the evening we were visited by General Naumenko. Spoke. He proposed: to create a separate unit at the battalion Lugansk-1 to remove the strain on our presence in the sector and to give us an official status. Refused. Stayed overnight.

On the next day, we were able to restore order and to stay in the room that we were given, to clean the area from garbage. And we started to strengthen: laid sandbags into windows to the half, prepared mesh screens, began to build a checkpoint from sandbags.

But guests came in the face of Mytsel’, with him as the representative of local military policeman and policemen who did not introduce. The commander of the separate group of fiscal service ‘Phantom’ also came. From Mytsel’ again came a ‘request’ from the command of the sector to leave the area. When talking he received a call - someone offered to send Special Forces. He refused.

It was decided to wait for a representative from the governor. Upon the arrival, he announced the official position: our group stayed, contrary to the requirements of the sector’s headquarters. We were given on a voluntary basis to the group ‘Phantom’ to help in the fight against smuggling.

Two hours ago, I had a call from a representative of the Governor, who was the coordinator of Phantom. He said that such a solution seemed to be agreed with the sectors headquarter.

Just got a call an hour ago, said that all is agreed with the headquarters of the sector, should be around a day for the info to pass the whole vertical.

From a sector headquarter

(insider information)

14.08.2015, 0:41

According to the Ukrainian Military Police and the heads of headquarter of the sector on Tuesday night more than a dozen of jeeps of UVC the Right Sector burst to Stanitsa Luganska. The cars were full of fighters equipped as American Special Forces. All of them were armed with new AK’s of hundredth series, Kord machine guns and grenade launchers. Also there were seen some female snipers. And only the possibility of UVC tanks being around did not allow Army Law Enforcement officers to disarm a gang of frantic nationalists (comic hyperbole). Now Ukrainian Military Police Colonel Fedor Vladimirovich Mitsel threatens Samurai to use the special forces against them, if they don’t leave the sector until evening.

Battalion commander Samurai

(Personal message)

14.08.2015, 1:17

Commander of Brigade 128 continues telling tales about Russian sabotage and reconnaissance group under the guise of a “right-wingers”. It comes to absurd: turns out, we had a bunch of AK’s of hundredth series and a bunch of “Pecheneg” machine guns. We did displease them tightly. They try to drive us out too hard... But last night I was called back and confirmed that Tooka agreed our issue at the headquarter of the sector.

Battalion commander Pirat

(On Facebook)

Whom UVC the Right Sector hinders?

The base of our consolidated unit of UVC the Right Sector consisting of the 15th RBAT UVC the Right Sector of Kharkiv region and the 17th RBAT UVC the Right Sector of Poltava region was visited by representatives of the military commandant once again. They checked us for the illegal weapons, interviewed us about the purpose of our stay and left again without finding anything illegal that could give at least some excuse for driving us out of the Luhansk region. Even though we achieved some agreements on close cooperation with different security forces during the performance of national saving challenges set by the leaders of UVC and security leaders, it seems that UVC really stands on the way of those who want to perform illegal activities such as smuggling. And that is the reason for all sorts of ridiculous inspections and pressure instead of joint and productive work for the benefit of the Ukrainian people!

According to our sources, pressure on our consolidated unit was never planned to be stopped, even more – it’s likely that they finally understand that we have nothing illegal to use it for driving us out of here. So they are likely to use dirty provocations, tossing illegal stuff and all the classics of this genre as they know and perform for many years already (I suppose all of you know the examples).

Those who want to live under the old criminal system will do their best to get rid of us or limit our activity. But we will never give up; never betray Ukrainian people and Ukrainian land! They cannot buy or intimidate us! And soon we are going to understand whom exactly do we interfere.

Battalion commander Samurai

(Official message)

21.08.2015, 0:13

The pressure comes from the headquarter of ATO. The military order was to drive us out. Their intelligence service reports that on 23-24 we are going to attack Russian troops in the nearby border area, and thus begin the escalation of the conflict in spite of agreements reached in Minsk.

Since the military doesn’t have the authority against us (we are civilians), the General Naumenko was involved in the issue. Tooka also confirmed that in case of our disobedience there are more than 100 Special Forces representatives ready to take care of it.

After the meeting with Tooka and Naumenko to avoid escalation of the situation Naumenko has provided us with transport and the escort car.

As a result we are collecting our stuff and leaving although it should be noted that the presence of the unit and plus "Phantom" served to a significant reduction in the flow of contraband.

Battalion commander Samurai

(Personal message)

21.08.2015, 16:15

Here I send you the picture. Angry “right-wingers” follow poor carcops

(The end of the story, or to be continued?)

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