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Dmytro Yarosh: there will be no way to escape from Ukraine, like your predecessors did

Dmytro Yarosh about Odessa

Anti-Ukrainian mob conducts a systematic restoration of pre-revolutionary orders and provokes Ukrainian people to rebel once again. As proof, there if a sequence of recent events, including the detention of my friend, Sergiy Sternenko, in Odesa city.

I warn the ruling regime; it is enough to play counterrevolution, it is enough to assist Putin’s games and wobble the state, since this is exactly what you have been doing for the last year and a half. People’s patience is decreasing, and it becomes impossible to stop people from armed resistance.

I am asking the statespersons and the heads of state law enforcement agencies to stop the repressions against patriots. Otherwise, the ending of your rule will be woeful. This time there will be no way to escape from Ukraine like your predecessors did.

I am asking all citizens of Ukraine, the fighters and activists of the National Liberation Movement "The Right Sector" to get ready for active civil disobedience acts, the main target of which will be the elimination of internal occupation regime and achievement of national sovereignty of the Ukrainian people.

Commandment of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps “The Right Sector” and the Heads of civil and political wing of “The Right Sector” have to submit certain offers on conduction of actions and measures, and to start the negotiations with the representatives of the other political, civil and military forces, in order to join the efforts to fight against political repressions.

Freedom to Sergiy Sternenko, Ruslan Demchuk, Yevgen Rezvushkin, and all other Ukrainian patriots who were put in jail by the regime! Glory to Ukraine!

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