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Dmytro Yarosh on course of events in Odesa

Money for collaterals for guys from Odessa has found. Transferred. Soon Sergiy Sternenko and Ruslan Demchuk will be free. I know that the president and representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has shown their good will.

But it does not eliminate systemic issues, such as restoration of the before-Maidan orders and revenge of vilkuls, kivalovs, boykos; mass repression and persecution of patriots; unpunished partners of Yanukovych; prosecution of police arbitrariness; lack of real reform; poverty; State’s tearing by oligarchic groups; Kuchma-Medvedchuk’s rigged matches with Putin and others.

If the government does not soon solve these problems, the big shocks again expect Ukraine.

P.S. Protests in Odessa are not canceled. Readiness is kept.

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