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Andriy Stempitskyy: Regarding UVC

Over the last month, there have been many controversial events both at the front and in the state. That is all reflected on the activities of the Corps and the internal state of the soldiers and commanders. At present, the situation in the country is quite different from the situation that was last year. Therefore, we cannot stand still.

Currently, we are working on the optimal structure of UVC that should meet the tasks entrusted to the Corps. There will be a reorganization of the Corps Headquarter and units headquarters.

The priority tasks of all structures: the combat activities, a training of fighters (military and ideological), elaboration of the system of protection during repressions, coordination with other volunteer units in rear to protect the interests of fighters, systematic assistance to the wounded and families of the victims, providing material and technical resources to all our units. This is in general. Without details.

We all have created UVC without any government assistance. UVC is a people’s organisation and therefore UVC serves to Ukrainian people. No other option. Does not matter what east or west wants.

We could be criticised for joining or not joining the Armed Forces or Security Service, but we go further. The road will be handled by the walker. We cannot be everything to everybody and entirely satisfy opposite groups of interests in society. We are such that you accepted us in spring last year. And if someone wants to criticise or blame us, let he/she first passes our way. But we are open to suggestions and professional advice.

There is politics, and there is the duty to protect our land from bastards. Let everybody makes its things and then we will win all together!

Commanders and fighters get detailed elaboration soon. We do not welcome panic and "everything-is-lost".

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to fighters-volunteers!

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