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Right Sector declares Crimea’s blockade

The National Liberation Movement "Right Sector" has joined the blockade of Crimea, initiated by the Majlis of the Crimean Tatars.

The Crimea’s blockade is regarded as a double blow - a direct blow to Moscow's interests and to the current system, which has developed in Ukraine, a system of corruption and surrender of national interests.

It does not make sense to ask why “the Ukrainian authorities” do not initiate the Crimea’s blockade. The regime of Poroshenko does not arrange the Crimea’s blockade, does not stop diplomatic relations with the state-aggressor, and does not recognize the war. They are fighting for almost a year by means of the Minsk shame.

Unfortunately, we have to state that the internal occupation regime headed by Poroshenko currently continues to enjoy success in implementing their plans, which have nothing to do with our national interests. Under these conditions until patriotic forces will not take enough weight to reach the strategic level, we will increase its activity in the tactical area.

The Crimea’s blockade will be directed to the achievement of tactical victories, including ensuring the requirements of the Majlis. At the same time, we clearly understand that the liberation of Crimea, as well as the release of the occupied territories of Donbass, is impossible without an armed struggle against the occupiers. But such a struggle can be conducted only by fully implementing the strategic goal - the overthrow of the regime of internal occupation and the attainment of full statehood.

Leaders of the National Liberation Movement The Right Sector

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