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Crimea is blocked. The situation as of September 21

To date, the campaign to block the trade supplies coming to the annexed Crimea from free Ukraine is successful.

Roads that go through Chongar, Chaplinka and Kalanchak (Kherson region) are blocked. There are checkpoints organized by the Crimean Tatar community activists and Ukrainians, participants of the NLM "The Right Sector". Also the action was joined by the patrol and ordinary caring patriots. School buses and passenger cars are allowed to pass, while cargos are blocked. About 200 trucks are in line waiting for orders from their superiors, the rest - turned around and left. The attitude of drivers to such action is surprisingly positive, except for just a couple of verbal conflicts.

On the three checkpoints in general there are about 100 fighters and activists from the UVC RS and the local branches. Moreover, in addition to blocking trucks, representatives of the Right Sector movement are monitoring the observance of order and peace in the area.

Also the rightwingers are now working on identification and blockade of the "unofficial" country road connections to the Crimea, which are streams for smuggling. Soon this problem will be solved as well.

The management of this decisive action is carried out by 5 staff representatives from all agencies involved. From the Right Sector - friend “Khorvat”.

As it is reported by media, the prices of goods in the Crimea increased even before the action had started.

We have already seen how the Kremlin manipulates and grabs our peninsula. Now we have to see how the Kremlin provides everything necessary for its existence. Do they have enough boats?

Crimea is Ukraine!

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