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Veterans of the 8th SBAT UVA received the awards for defending Donbas

On February 8th ten commanders and fighters of the 8th Separate Battalion "Aratta" of Ukrainian Volunteer Army, who were at the outset of the 8th squadron formation that later became a battalion, have received the honorary medals "For the Defense of Donbas". These are the following friends: Cherven (commander of the 8th SBAT), Chaplain, Officer, Sichen, Punt, Borysten, Captain, Reut, Tyhyi, and Doctor.

Dmytro Yarosh, the Leader of UVA, who was personally presenting the awards, and Serhii Ilnytskyi (friend Sokil), a chief of UVA headquarters, attended the ceremony.

The Leader said:

"Dear friends!

We have already walked with you a great combat path but the war is not yet over, and the new challenges are ahead of us. After meeting with people in Donbas, it can be said with confidence that a prestige, being gained by our combat battalions, when they were a part of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, is very high. People are hoping and counting on us. But the time has come, when we need to move to another standard. The legal draft is being developed, and it will allow us to legalize our activities on the territory of Ukraine so we can perform better the tasks being put before us by the people. We are actively cooperating with the organizations that are engaged in military and patriotic activities throughout Ukraine and also in training the reservists. It was decided that those units, who addressed to me with request to be under my direct command, became of a different standard - the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. This abbreviation is not well known yet to the general public, but I am more than confident, that those tasks put before us and being carried out by us now..."

Then Dmytro Yarosh talked about the latest achievements of our fighters at the front.

"It is not allowed to shout much and show off about that, as you might know what the pressure from the West is now. Nevertheless, there is "a radio that whispers", people will know anyway about your feats and front-line activity; they have to know that you are at the front, and we spread this information in a modest way but we do. I understand how it is important for every fighter and commander to have people's acknowledgement that we are fighting, and also that the Ukrainian volunteers is not such a phenomenon from the past, but it is existing now, and it will always be. For my part I will do everything to resolve the issues on material-technical provision and legalization. The talks about legalization is under way, but unfortunately the government structures do not always keep their promises...Anyone, who would accuse us in being non-cooperative with the government authorities, lies. We are open to a constructive cooperation with power structures of the state; we are not some illegal paramilitary formation as some prosecutors are trying to present us.

Our perspective is very high. You have a great combat experience. The war is far from being ended, and there will be no less combat tasks then before. I am convinced that we will execute the given tasks with all our internal forces having been mobilized; Donetsk, Luhansk, Simferopol, and Sevastopol will be returned to Ukraine.”

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