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Dmytro Yarosh in Mariupol

On February 7th, in between the meetings with the command of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Dmytro Yarosh, Serhii Chyrin, a head of Dmytro Yarosh Headquarters in Donetsk Region, and Andriy Gergert (friend Cherven), a commander of the 8th Separate Battalion of UVA, held two meetings in the local Palace of Youth in Mariupol. The first meeting was with the activists of local headquarters of Dmytro Yarosh and the second one - with the community and all interested persons.

Mariupol is a specific city. It can't be called pro-Ukrainian by its majority but the patriotic community in this city is especially active, organized and fearless from inside. One could feel and simply see on the faces of ordinary residents who came to listen to the Leader and ask him the questions.

Dmytro Yarosh in Mariupol

Speaking to the people during both meetings, Dmytro Yarosh simply and honestly explained why there was a need to expand the personnel base of our movement that will include the patriots of Ukraine of different views as on the front and the Maidan. The movement will consist of political, social, and military areas.

He said that the fighting units of UVA continue to carry out the combat missions on the conflict line - without any show off because of the pressure from the Western countries.

The legal draft about legalization of UVA fighters is being developed, with the real chances to be adopted, based on the principle of Estonian Defence League. For this reason the legal draft about UVC has been withdrawn for revision. Our commanders and military servicemen from the European countries, besides the Baltic countries, share their expertise. Such military conflict with the prevalent use of artillery didn't occur in Europe since 1945.

Dmytro Yarosh called the losses of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps: 64 killed, over 500 wounded. At present 7 fighters of UVC were granted a status of participant in military operations: 4 killed and 3 wounded. The Leader also initiates to award the fallen fighter Siever (Serhii Tabali) with a title of the Hero of Ukraine - to the 18 years old young man who died defending the Donetsk Airport.

He calmly told why he continues to appear rarely in Verkhovna Rada after finishing the prolonged sick leave that was a result of his obtained wound - a single deputy can't do anything useful there. Therefore, Dmytro Yarosh uses his deputy status to address the important issues, related to the army and front, and to assist the voters in the district. For example, he bails out many detainees, first of all the volunteers.

A ten-minute briefing for the journalists was held between those two meetings. The questions were standard: why the break with the Right Sector took place, who finances the new movement, what the relations with Kolomoyskyi are.

Dmytro Yarosh in Mariupol

This time much more interesting questions were raised by the public. For example, how the military conflict in Donbas should be resolved. Dmyto Yarosh answered the best: it is the Croatian experience - negotiations, preparation, and then the immediate military operation. "We will return Donbas and later Crimea, not only in a diplomatic way. The main thing is that the Ukrainian blood should be shed as little as possible." The following steps are required: martial law, cancellation of the elections in "ATO zone", military and civil administration. Holding the elections in the occupied territories is unacceptable.

The residents of Mariupol, who feel acutely the proximity of war, worried about whether their city could be seized by the enemy. A prediction of Dmytro Yarosh was quite optimistic - it unlikely happens but (without "the rose-colored glasses") if it does and the aviation would be used then it will be scary.

Elderly people were worried about the pension issues. In particular, a refugee from Crimea called to stop "the pension tourism" from the occupied territories. The ideas were proposed to blockade the Ahmetov's convoys in spring time. Ones asked why the residents of Volnovakha and Novotroitske are still watching "the separatist's media".

Dmytro Yarosh replied that he stands, since the time of the Right Sector, for the complete economic blockade of Crimea, with a possibility for the patriots to leave. The supporters of separatism in Ukraine should be deprived of citizenship and deported.

"The language issue" was addressed as well. The Leader said that he definitely supports a single official language - the Ukrainian language, but he realizes that several hundred years of Russian occupation strongly affected the Ukrainians; therefore the Ukranization can be gradual and non-violent. The front taught him that. It is awkward to say into radio, "Friend, come on, speak to me in our official language!" It is different about the government officials who must speak using only the official language. It is easier to shoot "the sovok-officials" rather than to teach them something new.

People asked whether CUN (Congress of Ukrainian Nationalists), RS (The Right Sector) and "Freedom" will be united. Dmytro Yarosh replied that he is constantly communicating with Bratsyun and Tyahnybok, no need to say about RS; the negotiations are under way, calamity brings all together, and he hopes for a common path.

Ones asked about his attitude to Akhmetov. "It is all his fault, otherwise there would be no such bloody conflict in Donbas," the residents of Mariupol broke into a loud applause, who are more than anybody else are tired of Akhmetov.

Dmytro Yarosh in Mariupol

One young man asked how Dmytro Yarosh looks at a return of the Kuban and other ethnic Ukrainian lands to Ukraine. The Leader replied that he is certainly for the unification, but he didn't prioritize the return of the Kuban and Voroniezh - only Donbas and Crimea. However, Russia can start collapsing very quickly, then why not?

An elderly migrant stated that 2 million people are displaced now, and in 5 years Donetsk and Luhansk will be empty.

"In 5 years Donetsk and Luhansk will be Ukrainian!" Yarosh said strongly.

"The economists and financial experts think otherwise..."

"The economists and financial experts do not understand anything about the military matters," answered the Leader. “We will break through!"

In the end, everyone was singing the anthem standing.

"Glory to the Nation!" someone exclaimed.

And the audience replied not yet firmly but in unison, "Death to the Enemies!"

"That is Mariupol!" the Leader smiled happily...

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