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Mukachevo tragedy. Reasons and threats

A press conference took place in Uzhhorod on July 27, 2015 with Right Sector’s (RS) leader Oleksandr Sachko and leader of Ukrainian Volonteer Corp information department (UVC-info) Alla Megel. The points discussed dealt with the tragic events in Mukacheve and the informational attack on RS that is taking place because of these events.

The press conference had representatives from local news agencies, such as the newspaper “Fest”, “RIO”, online newspaper “Carpathian Lens”, TV-station “Tysa” but also local representatives of central news agencies, such as “STB”, “Inter”, “112”, etc.

Everyone, who was present, honored the memory of the deceased Ruslan Ignatoli (friend Pooh) with a moment of silence. The leader of Right Sector’s NLM Zakarpattya, Oleksandr Sachko, spoke to the media representatives about the tragic events in Mukachevo on July 11th.

Residents of Zakarpattya, as well as media representatives, were not surprised to hear about the contraband flows, that were exposed by soldiers from 1st Reserve Battalion UVC, on the customs border of the region, and the publication of facts exposing the close cooperation of local police and representatives of local mafia. The more interesting topic became the questions raised about the weapons that were brought into the region to “hunt” for fugitives.

The media were also interested in the question of legalizing UVC, the refusal of Right Sector to take part in elections, and the participation of soldiers from the 1st UVC Reserve Battalion in the fighting in the east of the country.

The video shows the beginning of the press conference. Full version here.

The tragedy of Right Sector soldiers began with a peaceful patrol by the RS crew on the customs border. The people thanked and gave gifts to the boys. But the mafia did not forgive their losses.

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