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The "Hospitallers" of the UVC. Project "Free medical care"

When, in the case of the violation of their rights, people phone not "02", but either to the closest headquarter or the base of The Right Sector, when in the case of an injury, people take the hurt not to the emergency, but to the "Hospitallers" of the UVC - this is a sign of the real trust of the population, is the litmus paper, which detects the real efficiency of the work of a structure. A 10-years-old Stasyk from Dmytrivka became a victim of a ruthless sandbox battles - he was brought to our base with a dislocation and a fracture. There he got the first aid - the hand was immobilised, splinted and anesthetized. In 10 minutes Stasyk with his father was brought to the hospital in Pavlograd. The X-ray showed that the hand was fractured with a large displacement, so the kid will have to take a long treatment in Dnipropetrovsk. The family has also been given some material support. The working front of the "Hospitallers" is extending, permeating into the civil life!

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