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Dmytro Yarosh about the fighters joining the Security Service of Ukraine

Dmytro Yarosh speaking on the phone about the fighters of the UVC combat units joining the ranks of the Security Service of Ukraine

Dmytro Yarosh about the accession of the UVC the Security Service of Ukraine

Dear Leader, there were these matchmakers on our base trying to “match” us with the Security Service of Ukraine. Can you comment on it, please? As there are many discussions but very little specifics.

You see, woman is speaking: matchmakers, brides and stuff like that (laughing). Nobody “matched” us. First, those are long-term negotiations with government agencies. They finally got some specific outlines. Accordingly, our military comrades - representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine – came to our base. They hold high positions in the hierarchy; I don’t want to name them for obvious reasons, at least not yet. Whoever there were, these people are responsible, they have certain areas of work in the Security Service of Ukraine. Of course, this visit was agreed with the Head of Security Service of Ukraine Colonel-General Grytsak.

We have received a proposal for the entry of our fighters to the Center of Special Operations "Alpha". These proposals were announced to our combat commanders, as there were present battalion commanders, chiefs of staff, company commanders, i.e. those who have combat experience and who are responsible for each word they say. Our guys asked all their questions that were interesting for them. We were asked some questions too. On this council we came to an agreement on a project of some combat units of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps joining the Ukrainian Center of Special Operations.

Dear Leader, we will draw the overall structure to our listeners and readers later…

Well, just take into consideration (I'm sorry for interrupting) the fact that a lot of that will be classified as "secret", and we won’t be able to talk about it.

Yes, that's understandable. How much time do they give us for "reformatting"?

There are no particular time limits. I know that work is already underway. By the way, I recommended to the Security Service of Ukraine one of our battalion commanders for the post of commander of the unit. Accordingly, we will discuss and try to find the most optimal structure together for we have both linear units, and batteries of fire support, etc. This is currently under discussion, and at the same time being implemented. In a couple of days medical commissions will start working with our fighters, and more. I am very pleased that 2/3 of the personnel of other combat units demonstrated consent for participation in this "special operation" as the Muscovites would say.

Yes, the Muscovites say a lot, and not only the Muscovites. I imagine how they are going to “soak” us in the information space. And the first is going to that the Right Sector is a project of the Security Service of Ukraine.

Well, I’ve never ever denied that we were the project of the Security Service of Ukraine, or the project of Mossad or whatever else people might keep in their minds. Somehow the “projects” are the best at the front line. They show the best results in extreme situations, shed anti-popular and anti-Ukrainian regimes. Therefore it’s fine. Whoever says that, let God be their judge.

Speaking of the front line. Dear Leader, what perspective do you see regarding our front line in connection with the recent events?

Our soldiers will fight! Such guarantees I have received from the management of SSU. Because everybody understand that these are volunteers, and they will not sit in the background. Various options are being considered, because we understand the work specifics of the Center of Special Operations. But they understand our side as well. In my opinion all this will turn out well, because the very Commander of “Alfa” understands the situation very well. While we didn’t work with them tightly on the front line, even in the Donetsk Airport there were boys from the “Alfa”, who worked with our boys. I am more than convinced that the step we make will bring benefits to our state, as well as to the SSU, and to “The Right Sector”. This is a consensus that can solve virtually all problems. Because we know how Europe is pressing on our government "to regulate the Right Sector" and all that jazz. We know that we are not illegal armed formation, like they all think of us, and accordingly it gives us the opportunity to be in the legitimate space and participate actively in the war operations, which for us is the most important, and ultimately defeat our common enemy – the Moscow empire, putin, and all that beast that have come to parasite on our land.

Dear Leader, one more question: what is going to happen to the Reserve battalions, in what status do you see they exist?

Various options are being considered. In my opinion, the decision is going to come from the corps commander Andrij Stempitsky, because we had considered an option of registering a public formation to support the army and the fleet in order to avoid any complaints stating that we are some terrorists or extremists, and so on. We will see, but the fact that these formations anyway will serve the front line first of all, toward our victory in this war – is certain.

And the last question: in what way it is related to our other direction - struggle with the internal raider?

It is directly related to the struggle with the internal raider. Because, you know, to constantly run and yell “re-vo-lu-tion” – is very easy, but to do any specific revolutionary steps toward establishment of the state – it’s much more difficult. It requires the systemic, troublesome work. And these specific changes toward establishment of the state – I emphasize that – make it possible to understand and define such a revolutionary fight. Remember I talked on the Viche, on the rally of “The Right Sector”, that they are eager to catch us on the Putin’s bait. We were told: “do rebel, abolish the authorities, come to the power!” and so on. Usually "the big radicals" like to shout in this way. But, with all of that, we are well aware, that now is not a good time for the turmoil inside the state, now is the time to establish an order, first in our own lines, and to create the high-quality power structure that would be a guide for the other state power structures. Because we already see the positive changes, even in the MVS (Ministry of Internal Affairs), to my big surprise.We see the Patrol Police, which is much more effective than the militia. In the militia there are a lot of separatists, especially in my Dnipropetrovsk Region, also in Zaporizhzhya region! But the new people come with the patriotic feelings. That means that some revolutionary steps in that direction are being made. We see how the changes are on the way in the ZSU (Armed Forces of Ukraine). Yes, it is very difficult – the battle next to Stohnativka showed a lot of weaknesses – but these are changes anyway. And these changes, essentially, could be the revolutionary ones. But we must initiate and support them. And we must do our job. I am not seeing any other ways in the struggle with the internal enemy!

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