Dmytro Yarosh: UVC remains on the front

What is the position of Ukrainian Volunteer Corps at the front? Which tasks we put before UVC in the context of a new political goals of the NLM "The Right Sector"?

First, Ukrainian Volunteer Corps continue performing their tasks either on the front or immediate battle area . There are a lot of them, at the request of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and specifically Chief of General Staff Colonel-General Muzhenko, we took away the fifth battalion from the position of "mine Butovka" where they were located, district Opytne, Avdeevka they were not only at the mine, but we took them away not to provoke the situation. Our "dear” and "favorite" authorities could show that they perform there Minsk agreement and everything of this kind, though in my opinion is absurd solution.

When I talk about it, I have just before my eyes those soldiers who are on the ground fighting with us, who shouted, why was needed to take away our troops, when now they will give us "Avatars" (drunk soldiers) or completely unmotivated people, and we will be battered. I analyze the fightings in this sector after the removing of the "Right Sector" and the actual losses have increased significantly in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In my opinion, it was wrong decision, but we, as disciplined soldiers, I always emphasize it, fall into line with orders of the General Staff. We can not allow arbitrariness during the war, of course if these orders are certainly not completely betray the national interests of Ukraine, to such orders no one should obey, these are criminal orders.

But with all of this, the fifth battalion went to its rear base for now, it provides personnel trainings and trainings for headquarters, operational and practical trainings. We use this time to raise the level of combat and political background of our units and therefore getting ready for further combat operations, because while there is war, until that time the 5th battalion and other units of the UVC, will certainly fight. At the same time, I do not want, of course, to specify front parts, because they will take us away from there immediately, as soon as they know where we are, but this is both sector B and sector M, where the units of the 8th separate battalion, two individual tactical groups, certain sabotage and reconnaissance groups are represented, which are also can go out of the line, get intelligence information behind enemy’s lines, transfer it to the General Intelligence Service, in other instances belonging to the so-called ATO command or the General Staff. In other words we are fighting, fighting normally.

Now, because of what happened here, including, in Transcarpathia, we classify it as a provocation against the "Right Sector". We are ready to take decisive but peaceful actions, our specific steps were announced. We see no needs to involve UVC units to these events, because there is the external front, we are fighting against an external enemy, but with all of this, with referendum, by joining the "legal" revolutionary methods, we will change the situation at the home front and will fight against the internal enemy.

That's the coordinate system for today.