What Is the Future of Poroshenko?

Майбутнє Порошенко

I do not understand Poroshenko, he has a capital of a billion US dollars, it is enough for the rest of his lifetime, as well as his children and grandchildren. Why after being chosen by the people the profit from your business has trippled? Isn't it like spitting into the face of your impoverished voters?

Wasn't it a promise to sell the Roshen factory during the election campaign? To promise publicly and not to keep it, what is this? Is it the inebriate effect of the power, or of the money, or of the impunity? I do not understand it.

Why is it so difficult to be honest? Is it so difficult to sell your corporation for a lot of money and live on the great state provision of the President? Establish a trust fund in the United Kingdom, or a few funds all over the world in order to secure the generations for a 1000 years and receive in return the love and recognition of the people, that is a strong Ukraine. Leave a mark in the history eventually! If the situation develops this way, Poroshenko will remain in the history of Ukraine as a traitor and a huckster of the interests of the country.

And life is not eternal! The average life expectancy for men in Ukraine is 65 years. If one takes care, it is easy to extend to 75 years. Is this the ultimate goal to spend a billion in 26 years? There is neither the elixir of eternal life nor the transmigration of soul. Or maybe you can take the assets into the afterlife now? Is there something I am not aware of, and are there the loopholes?

There is no doubt, history will remember this president, as another disappointment! Poroshenko leads and supports a system that does not recognize the merits of the volunteers at the front, as well as of those volunteers, who provide for the Army. Like, we would have coped without them. You would crap your pants!

There are hundreds of our citizens in the captivity of the Russian terrorists, some of them are for more than a year already. Does the government do everything to free them?

Poroshenko and his fear of patriots are reminiscent of Yanukovich, and there are the new political prisoners in the country. The patriots, journalists and civil society activists are beaten on the streets and incarcerated. There is the military equipment without official markings in Mukachevo.

All these ambiguous appointments of personnel, keeping the overt traitors on their positions in the Ministery of Defense, corruption in Ukroboronprom and inability to complete any single reform for one and a half year. And even not to start any in the most troublesome sectors, I am speaking about the court system and the healthcare.

Come to your senses, Poroshenko, you go along the way of historical oblivion.