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Dear, please forgive us

It’s been a year!!!

I have been with the 5th Separate Batallion UVC “The Right Rector” for the whole year. I have seen a lot during this year. I’ve seen soldiers, who came after several months of training, but still couldn’t go to war. I’ve seen girls coming to arrange their personal lives, but left with nothing. I’ve seen incredibly fanatical heroism of 19-21-year-old boys, who gave up their young, full of efforts, beliefs, and strengths life for Ukraine. I’ve seen fathers, grandfathers, who don’t fight with weapon, but still give away all their energy driving soldiers to/from the front line without rest for 2-3 days.

I’ve seen a woman, who left everything behind and volunteers without any pay. I have seen weddings and divorces of fighters. I’ve seen people go crazy and those who slowly come back to reality after terrible multiple contusions. I’ve seen and felt, how sniper worked up our car, when we were driving back from Pisky, but didn’t get us. I’ve heard the roar of rival artillery in Pisky.

But the simple, trivial question coming from the mother of a soldier: “And where is he going now?”, - knocked me down. For the first time I didn’t know, didn’t understand what to answer. Many times I informed relatives of our fallen fighters (experiencing this loss with them, draining down my spirit) about their death… But today’s question simply knocked me down...

We over here see our own reality. The war. The country for which we are ready to die. But… Over there, in the rear are those who love us, who worry, who pray for us every day. It’s easier for us to tell them that everything is alright, don’t worry, be happy, it’s a must. But how it is for them to live there? How it is for those, who do not understand why and where you’re going, to accept your “everything is alright”? I am in despair…

P.S. My dear daughter, I definitely know I am here for you, for your future. Forgive me for growing up without a mother for a year. I love you, my sun, as much as I love my country. You are mommy’s smart girl, you will understand.

P.P.S Relatives and friends, support your soldiers. They need your support!

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