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Political party "The Right Sector" does not support any candidate in the upcoming local election.

According to the decision of NLM "The Right Sector" Congress held in July of this year, our political force does not participate in the local election in October 2015. We believe that:

- This untimely election is unable to change the situation in the country for better;

- At this stage it is also inappropriate to spend our strength and resources on an attempt to change the system by integrating into one of its layers. This would not benefit Ukraine, and would cause reputational damage to our political force.

Also we officially declare that "The Right Sector" does not support any candidate on the upcoming election. All statements of different political forces and individual candidates claiming that we allegedly support them, all their attempts to artificially tie the Right Sector to their election propaganda, are just usual manipulations. The vast majority of these political forces will forget about their "friendship" with the Right Sector on the last day of the official election campaign.

At the same time our members and supporters keep asking: who are we to vote for in the local election? Or maybe we should ignore this election or waste the ballot?

NLM "The Right Sector" calls on all citizens of Ukraine, above all, do not vote for clearly anti-Ukrainian political forces and their numerous clones. As for the candidates, who are considered by our fans more decent than others - everyone has to make the choice themselves. We believe that no individual choice becomes a strategic mistake, because the result of the race, whatever is an outcome, will not significantly affect further development of events in Ukraine.

The Leadership of NLM “The Right Sector”

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