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Attention! Urgent! Statement from the Operational Staff of the Right Sector Regarding the Blockade of Crimea

The Ukrainian people are going through the difficult and tragic page in their history - the enemy came to our land. Crimea is currently occupied by the Russian invaders, who together with the oligarchs use the peninsula to get rich from our citizens.

The Crimean Tatars, who were forced to leave their homes because of the occupation, have initiated the action to block Crimea. The Right Sector joined this action and took the important part in our common cause. Most fighters of the Right Sector left behind their homes, families, and jobs; they went to Donbass to defend Ukraine. Now we come to defend Crimea and our fellow citizens among the Crimean Tatars. We do not receive money or benefits for this. We are not interested in fame and recognition. Our only goal is the welfare and prosperity of our people in the independent and united Ukraine.

At the same time, it was reported to us that in the area of blockade the unknown individuals, pretending to be the Right Sector, commit misdeeds and try to extort money from the local businessmen and farmers. We emphasize: the fighters of the Right Sector are not involved in these illegal activities. For any such incidents our fighters would get a strict punishment. The operational groups were formed in the structure of our headquarters, which have the authority to respond to the situations that discredit the Right Sector and cause harm to our citizens. We ask to report all cases of using name and symbols of the Right Sector in such illegal activities to the operational headquarters of "The Blockade of Crimea" by calling 096 51 87 175.

We would be grateful for any assistance, voluntarily or based on patriotic beliefs, given by the caring citizens to the Right Sector fighters. However, we accept all donations only centrally.

If you want to support the Right Sector fighters involved in the blockade of Crimea, please transfer funds to the "Privat Bank" card 4731 2171 1108 2572 (Surzhenko Andrij Mykolajovych). The volunteers' help is accepted in the department of logistics (tel. 096 271 01 73).

We consider the Crimean blockade operation as the first step in returning the occupied peninsula. Only the joint and coordinated work of all patriots can help to return the occupied Crimea.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the Heroes!

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