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Olena Bilozerska: my only Leader is Dmytro Yarosh

Олена Білозерська про Дмитра Яроша

Friends, for the entire day you have been waiting for my comments regarding the statement of Dmytro Yarosh that he is to resign from the Leader of the NLM "The Right Sector". You are waiting - and I am silent. With a single clear reason - unwillingness to wash dirty linen, to take public something that concerns only us, the Right Wingers.

But I see that the story accumulates even improbable assumptions and insinuations, so I have something to explain. The National Liberation Movement "The Right Sector" includes the political party "The Right Sector" and the military wing - UVC (Ukrainian Volunteer Corps). The leadership functions have been performed by the Leaders of the Party, elected at the general congress.

The following had occurred at the conference of the NLM "The Right Sector" on November 8, after which D.Yarosh wrote his resignation statement. The conference was organized by some members of the Organization who advocate a transition of the NLM RS to the hard revolutionary path. This does not mean an immediate assault on admin buildings, but means an open acknowledgment of "The Right Sector" that the current government is illegitimate, and the movement itself is the only legitimate representative of the interests of the Ukrainian nation.

In "The Right Sector" there is no fighter or activist who would be loyal to the current government and wouldn’t dream about its elimination. But personally I find such declarations premature and harmful. Because, firstly, one cannot call an enemy to a fight without being prepared and without accumulation of enough strength to win, as their first hit could be devastating. Secondly, such a position would present us as demagogues, in a plain word - "balaboly." Imagine the situation: there is arrest of a famous Right Winger and the movement after making these ambitious statements and having armed fighters, does not free the colleague with force immediately and does not shoot down the prosecutor or judge who had imprisoned him. Who will respect us after that?

In general, such declarations are relevant only for an underground organization or one that is going, immediately after their announcement, to move underground. Underground struggle - is also one of the ways, but at the conference nothing was mentioned about the intention. Also, the leadership of the Movement headed by Dmytro Yarosh was elected at the conference. In addition to the Leader, the leadership included several members of the organization who are supporters of the aforementioned path. The former composition of the leadership, according to the organizers’ plan, is now only the party leadership and a subject to the guidance of the newly elected leadership of the NLM.

Delegates voted for this decision, because they were told that the conference was approved by the Leader, and all the decisions taken therein are only recommendations and would not come into effect until the Leader’s final confirmation.

Dmytro Yarosh actually knew about this conference and approved this event such as having working materials for the upcoming general congress. He had a different opinion than its organizers, but did not intervene in order not to impose his view on the people and allow them to speak freely. He did not come to the conference, but sent a letter in which he expressed his vision of further development of the movement and proposals regarding the composition of the leadership. Both his recommendations were ignored by the conference organizers - although all but one of the participants expressed Yarosh their full confidence and support. However, the official website of the NLM RS has reported the results of the conference with the announcement of its new leadership composition (not approved by anyone - neither the general congress nor the Leader). De facto, the organizers demanded that from now on Yarosh represented and expressed only their position.

I will not hide yet another divergence of the views: the "revolutionary" part of our Leadership is inclined to tolerate activities close to organized crime, which helps to solve short-term problems, but ruins the reputation of the Movement as a whole. These events, in my opinion, led Dmytro Yarosh to resign from the authority of the Leader of the NLM RS. I think he doesn’t want to put pressure on anyone, wants people to make their own decision.

This statement has nothing to do with the political power "Ukrop" or any other political forces. Also it is not related to further political plans of Dmytro Anatolievych.

Everyone talks about the "split". Currently there is no "split" in the RS. Both combat battalions, the medical battalion "Hospitallers" and several party offices have announced that they consider Dmytro Yarosh their only Leader and his resignation is not accepted. Of course, some members of the RS are disoriented, they need some time to decide, and this is absolutely normal. If eventually they accept any other position - that will be a split. And now people are deciding. No need to panic, to accelerate events, and to spread gossip.

Finally I will say for myself: I consider Dmytro Yarosh to be my only Leader. I will execute only his orders, and in his absence, orders of the deputy party leader friend “Bohema” (he did not write an official request of resignation and only general congress may remove him from the office) - it’s on the political front line, and on the military one - orders of my immediate commander.

If over the time the members will not be able to convince Dmytro Yarosh to return - I will not associate my future with "The Right Sector".

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