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Statement of the commanders and soldiers of the UVC PS fighting battalions

To the Leader of the NLM “The Right Sector” Dmytro Yarosh
Dmytro Yarosh

Combat units of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps are the vanguard of the fight against the Russian invaders and collaborators. All this time from the beginning of the hostilities in the East, we fought not for rewards and status. We have faced this battle for the Ukraine's future, for our families and our children. And we did this, like you, dear Leader, voluntarily.

All this time - both before and after the injury - you were with us. We shared not only the courage and the threats of war. All this time you led us for victory, and not for slaughter, not only at the front line, but also in our revolutionary activities. After gaining military experience, seeing the enemy face to face, we share your view on the struggle for the UIS (Ukrainian Independent State).

You know the value of every soldier of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, so we are asking you to take combat units # 5 and #8 (Separate Battalions), and the medical battalion “Hospitallers” under your direct guidance.

Led by you, we are ready to go into a battle against any enemy, as we are certain that you will not despise human lives, or our freedom, or chances given to us by the LORD for the re-conquest of the true Independence of Ukraine.

Commander of the Separate Battalion #5 friend “Chornyi”
Commander of the Separate Battalion #8 “Aratta” friend “Cherven”
Chief of “Hospitallers” medical management and rehabilitation Yana Zinkevych
Commander of the Battalion “Hospitallers” friend “Strilok”

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