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Dmytro Yarosh has announced the foundation of a new movement

Movement “The Right Sector", in my personal opinion, was the most striking phenomenon in the Ukrainian society for the last two years.The most romantic and heroic pages of modern Ukrainian history are connected with the Right Sector.

The Right Sector has emerged as a revolutionary structure - during the revolution and for the revolution. This revolution has not been finished, and its completion - the creation of the Ukrainian Independent United State - has been postponed for a time because of reasons independent from us, among which the main one is the war with the Russian aggressor.

So I think, as of today, the Right Sector as a revolutionary structure has completed its mission in full. These were the battles on Maidan and creation of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps to resist the external aggressor.

Now is the time to focus on state building matters. Our movement has grown and strengthened, and proceeds to a new stage of development. Now we want to be not as narrowly functioning but as a national patriotic movement to unite all patriots of Ukraine - without radicalism, within the margin, and without liberal demagoguery.

Our goal still remains the same - to create the Ukrainian Independent United State. Our twofold task is to preserve the existing state as a base for obtaining national statehood, and to make the revolutionary changes that will provide freedom, justice, and prosperity to the Ukrainian people.

We do not abandon the revolutionary path but fully deny the pseudo-revolutionary activity that threatens the existence of the state of Ukraine and stains the reputation of patriots. We are opposed to the current government but do not believe that bloody revolts (that are doomed to failure) are appropriate against it.

For the above reasons, I along with my team leave the National Liberation Movement "The Right Sector". We are initiating the creation of a new social-political movement. The founding meeting is being planned for February. Now we are working on its development, the concept of activity, and programmatic principles.

As for the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps that defended Pisky, Airport, Shyrokyne, Savur-Mohyla, and created the medical battalion "The Hospitallers", the fighters of which have saved thousands of lives; it must grow, develop further and move to a new level. Therefore, the 5th and 8th battalions of UVC and medical battalion "The Hospitallers" are being reorganized into the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. It will be one of the structures of a newly created movement.

We continue fighting at the front against the external aggressor and working on the development of our Country in the rear. We are grateful to all fellow fighters, who have walked with us on this difficult but glorious path.

Doors of our movement are open to all patriots of Ukraine who share our values, especially for members and supporters of the Right Sector.

Glory to Ukraine!

Dmytro Yarosh

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