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The Internet-TV channel 7 (the public channel #7) - hosted an online Conference of the Deputy and Leader of the National Movement Dmytro Yarosh

Questions to the Leader for several days were collected on the Forum of the SectorPravdy.

densb82: Left by you "The Right Sector" has positioned itself as the only revolutionary movement in Ukraine. I and many people understand that when the people once again would want to upraise, this force would continue to be at the forefront of the action. Can you please answer how would you position yourself personally in this regard?

Dmytro Yarosh: I have no doubt that as a state Ukraine needs revolutionary changes. And I believe that “The Right Sector” starting from the Maidan time is the best of all things created by Ukrainians. But for the revolutionary changes we need broader personnel. And we need to attract patriots from different environments. I believe that soldiers, who were on the front line, will not participate in a narrow movement, but a consolidating national movement will in the future take over the functions of the revolutionary organizations. But during a war we cannot allow destabilization in the country. That is why the UVA units were given undoubtedly verified functional responsibilities, clear both to the government and to the military. Accordingly, the revolution is open to all people united by the idea of the Ukrainian nation. But it is important not to provoke direct aggression from Russia.

The full video of the conference

volkov: What are the guarantees that we will not have to leave the new Movement in a year?

Dmytryo Yarosh: Guarantees are given only by God. I do not apply for such a high position. We are striving to ensure brotherhood in the new organization and are trying to avoid past mistakes. Much depends on the initiative group engaged in the formation of the new movement. These are people who dedicated themselves to Ukraine, and I am convinced that their work will enable us to limit mistakes and grounds for negative conversations. The National Movement will become a factor of national life and guidance for the Ukrainian society.

ability: Dmytro Anatoliyovych, do you think there is a future for the occupied territories? I myself come from there and maybe not the first one to ask this question, but the situation is changing and almost every day a different answer can be given. Every day it gets worse and there is less and less reason to take back those territories. What to expect patriotically-minded residents of the region in the next 2-3 years?

Dmytro Yarosh: The colonel Evhen Konovalets gave these guidelines to nationalists: statehood, unity, revolution. The unity of the Ukrainian lands cannot be given up, regardless of the number of supporters of Ukraine, either in the Donbass, or in the Crimea. It all depends on us and on the government policy. People in these areas as well as in the whole Ukraine must be shown proper perspective of the state establishment. In addition, Russian imperialists will not stop and will continue its expansion if we do not give them resistance.

Alexander Yarych: Dmytro Anatolievych, why the new and separate political movement of the "moderate radicalism" has your name? Wasn’t it possible to conduct just a restructuring on the base of "The Right Sector", dividing the organization to the revolutionary-militarized and radically-political fractions, but keeping it in one powerful force "The Right Sector"? Since the current situation in some nationalistic right-wing environment can be regarded similar to the split between OUN(m) (Melnyk followers) and OUN(b) (Bandera followers), would the joint struggle continue? Regards. Glory to Ukraine!

Dmytro Yarosh: Most boys and all who remained in “The Right Sector” are my sworn brothers and differences in the methodology of the struggle did not make us enemies. But we have differences in the view on the state establishment and on the liberation process and I see no need to give the enemies any reason to use these conflicts. I'm sure the time will come when we will be working together for the benefit of Ukraine, not only with “The Right Sector”, but with many other organizations.

Yuri Pavlovych: It’s not quite clear to me - but what about the guys who have given their lives under the banner of “The Right Sector” - who are they now? .... I think all this is a betrayal of the brothers who are now in the ground, or on the fields, not yet buried .. ....

Dmytro Yarosh: It happened that our combat units indeed gained their fame under the banner of “The Right Sector”. But this is not entirely true, our guys fought not for “The Right Sector”, but under the blue and yellow flag. The social security department that deals with providing aid to the soldiers-volunteers and to the families of the lost ones continues to function. And this work has a progress. And this work will continue. We do not abandon anybody; on the contrary, we are strengthening this work and will not stop half way.

Aristarh: What future do you think awaits “The Right Sector” after your departure? And who is their real leader now?

Dmytro Yarosh: This question is to “The Right Sector”. The question of their leadership will be decided by their members. The organization has pretty good personnel.

DukujPrapor : Dmytro Anatoliyovych, good evening! What support will you provide to the future members of your Movement? Are you planning to conduct seminars, lectures, etc. for a proper understanding of the ideas that inspire you?

Dmytro Yarosh: We are already conducting consultations, meetings with the board, giving people an opportunity to understand our ideas. Future support of the members depends on the human resources in the field. Each participant of the Movement must be its living cell. I already travel around Ukraine, a lot is planned, the work continues. In a month or two we can talk about more specific things.

Oleg 74: When “The Right Sector’ is going to begin fighting the regime and what methods of struggle can be expected?

Dmytro Yarosh: This question is to “The Right Sector”. “The Right Sector” continues to fight the internal occupation regime, and we, by the way, too, the only differences are the methods.

evgeg: The big problem in the RS was the lack of direct communication between the heads and the primary links. How will you solve this issue?

Dmytro Yarosh: That was an objective situation, because after the revolution the war started and I and the leaders of “The Right Sector” were mainly concerned with the front. Now this problem will be taken care by allocation of responsibilities among the leading people of the Movement. Travel to the regions should become regular. Organization structure of executive committees is being created.

Friend Vohon: Dear Leader, please evaluate the quality of the reforms and renewal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. How successful is your cooperation with the Ministry of Defense in matters of patriotic education of pre-conscription youth?

Dmytro Yarosh: There is too little to be evaluated. A lot of reforms have been planned, there is a desire to reform, but there is also a shortage of personnel, especially at the middle management level. Comparing to the summer of 2014, the level of combat capability of AFU has increased, but problems remain. The whole society must require the Chief of AFU to show more political will to support and reform the Armed Forces. If we have fully combat-ready Armed Forces, we do not need Minsk-2, otherwise it is necessary to continue the reforms. The questions is pretty tiered and should be addressed to those bodies that are responsible for the reforms in the fields. There are positive changes in the food supply system. But “Ukroboronprom”, in my opinion, cannot cope with supplying military equipment.

Friend Vohon: What would introduction of UN peacekeeping forces mean for Ukraine? Where will they come – in the Donbas or in the Crimea, and generally how real it is?

Dmytro Yarosh: Currently this is only a theory. I am not seeing any political reasons for introducing peacekeepers. I personally do not think that we need peacekeepers. The Ukrainian people have repeatedly proved that if united around an idea, they can do impossible. The revolution of 2014 has proven this. We all need to work on de-occupation of our territories.

The full video of the conference

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