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Activists of the National Movement "Action" joined the Public Council in Kirovograd

Activists of the National Movement "Action" joined the Public Council in Kirovograd

The Constituent Assembly on forming a Public Council of the Executive Committee of the Kirovograd City Council took place in Kirovograd. At the meeting there were 75 registered delegates from Public Organizations and Associations, as well as the quarter committees of the city.

The delegates adopted the agenda with 7 points, including election of a counting commission, election of a chairman and a secretary of the Public Council, the quantitative composition of the Public Council, and approval of the regulations on preparation of the advisory body.

Three members were nominated for the chairman position, and the head of the organization "Combat Brotherhood", a supporter of the initiative "Action" Oleksandr Velychko was elected by positional voting. Alla Sula, representative of the party “Samopomich” was elected to be the Secretary of the meeting.

The number of Public Council members raised a lively discussion. According to the Cabinet of Ministers decree №99, which provides rules for the establishment of public councils, 35 people are recommended for this advisory body. But all members of the constituent assembly expressed a desire to join the Public Council.

The "Action" activist Ihor Kozub called to approve the Public Council at the number of all the present people. Another member of the Constituent Assembly suggested approving the composition of the board at the number of all the present people, excluding those who would be skipping over two sessions. Some activists called those who are unable to attend the meetings to immediately refuse participation in the council.

As a result of the vote, it was decided that the Public Council will include all 75 delegates.

The activists of the National Movement "Action" managed to defend their position and created a Public Council that includes representatives from all the active public organizations of the city.

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