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Dmytro Yarosh visited Rivne

Dmytro Yarosh visited Rivne

Today, March 25, the leader of the National Movement “Action” (statehood initiative by Yarosh), people's deputy of Ukraine Dmytro Yarosh came to Rivne. The purpose of the visit is a presentation of the ideas underlying the newly established movement.

Andrij Sharaskin started the meeting, noting that: "This is not a populistic or purely political project. This is a consolidation of all national and patriotic community to understand that Ukraine faces big challenges today, and that is why Dmytro Yarosh is personally communicating with activists and answering all the questions, even the most uncomfortable ones. "

Dmytro Yarosh said that currently the headquarters are working on the statutory basics, in which there will be projects on restructuring of the banking system, prosecutors, and courts, economic, military, and educational projects. "And it's not just words," - said the deputy.

They are being actively elaborated and are planned to be presented to the Ukrainian Congress in May, at which the statehood principles promoted by the newly created movement will be proclaimed.

"The goals put up on the Maidan were not achieved. It is very important for us to realize them. This applies to the national dignity and national justice, and to the change of the government system ", - highlighted the leader of the “ACTION”.

The military has a great interest in the newly created movement, because they best understand that it is impossible to restore order in the East until the orderly system is established in the rear. In particular, a meeting with Maj.-Gen. Zabrodsky in Zhytomyr also showed the importance of the case. The newly established movement engaged the Officer Union of Ukraine as well as the initiative “Free People”, the group "For Sovereign Development", Auto-Maidan, Maidan Self-Defense, and many other organizations. Dmytro Yarosh said that he would like the movement to be joined not only by the former Right Sector people, but also by people from the volunteer and military environments.

"We are looking for proactive and responsible people. Because there are too many talkers in our politics and too few people who can really implement something and in a revolutionary way reform our country." The main stake is put on young people, students.

Yarosh also discussed pressing issues of the area. Regarding the entry of the National Guard to the northern territories of Rivne region he said: "The ban will do nothing. This requires a comprehensive approach to the issue, not just the introduction of armored vehicles. People should be given the opportunity to make money. Then there will be no skirmishes occurring in the Polissya. Otherwise it is possible that the locals open a second front and nothing good can come out of that."

He also said that he supports the creation of a technocratic government. He emphasized that "according to the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine the State's margin by the pessimistic scenario is half a year. The state may simply disappear." The new parliament, according to the deputy, could be even worse, given the ratings of the opposition bloc.

"Amid the general impoverishment of the Ukrainians, because 81% of Ukraine's population live below the poverty line, any elections during the war are not wanted. You can do ten elections, but the things could get worse and worse. Tensions will rise, which may lead to a social explosion, "- said Dmytro Yarosh.

"In the core of the movement are the nationalists who always were a cementing factor of the state - summed up nationalist. – The same as it was on the Maidan. The nationalists raised and they were followed by all. When we are united we always win. We strive to create a system with an effective government which can offer teams that can lead regions, district, and cities. Now is the time of creation, birth. I would like it to be faster. Our human resource base should be formed by the wise, brave, and noble ones, not those who only know how to speak well. We live in the between time. I believe that we have all we need to create the movement, to unite and raise the people, and to bring to fruition the revolutionary processes that we started on the Maidan. When the revolution is not finished oligarchs revenge. We must remember these things and believe in our victory. I believe in it and want to light up maximum number of people with this belief. "

Press service of the National Movement “Action” of the Rivne region.

Дмитро Ярош відвідав Рівне Дмитро Ярош відвідав Рівне Дмитро Ярош відвідав Рівне Дмитро Ярош відвідав Рівне

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