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Attention! Wanted!

Please help us identify criminals in uniform who took part in the shooting of Ukrainian patriots - the soldiers of the 1st RBAT UVC 'RS' - in Mukachevo on 11.07.2015.

They intentionally gave the criminal orders and executed them and opened fire to kill. Consequently, our brother - friend "Pooh" – has been killed in the result of a shot in the back and 4 persons have received injuries.

These criminals in uniform have forgotten how after the Revolution of Dignity, like a flock of sheep, they went on knees and asked the people to forgive them, saying: ‘Police with the people!’. And now they are "with the people" with no bats, but with firearms.

Due to the inactivity of the competent authorities in this case, the Right Sector- Transcarpathia announces an action to identify participants in the bloody events in Mukachevo on 11.07.15.

We ask all not indifferent citizens to join the action and report information on people who were at the checkpoint and took part in the shooting of our activists!

Our contacts:
+38 067 912 39 26
+38 099 016 60 34
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Currently, we have already determined 23 persons, but this is not a complete list.

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