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On the results of investigation of DDOS-attack on “Sector Pravdy” website

The editorial team of “Sector Pravdy” did not intend to leave unnoticed the unfortunate incident with the DDOS-attack on our website, which was undertaken on 24th July. Whilst the anonymous joker was pleasing himself, our website remained inaccessible for three hours.

We have carefully studied the technical information supplied by our web-provider and have identified the IP addresses of the offender, who had sent nearly 100,000 simultaneous enquires to the website from his computer. The anonymous hacker turned out to be a resident of Mariupol. It took us only a few minutes to request information from our Internet provider, identifying and confirming what had happened.

The editorial team of our website is very grateful to the Mariupol based web-provider for their assistance in the investigation and the schooling undertaken in relation to their subscriber.

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