A shot in the back of UVC

Friend 'Pukh'

Ruslan Ignatolya (Friend 'Pukh') died 11.07.2015 at Mukachevo.

Young, active, but descrete and responsible at work, sincere and open in the friendship, balanced and brave. Ruslan was born in Mukachevo, but the last 15 years lived in Portugal, in Lisbon. He had prestigious job in geological exploration company with great career opportunities.

Nevertheless, his heart was always living in the small town of Mukachevo in Zakarpattya region. When the war had started in Ukraine, he could not sit calmly 4 thousand kilometers away from the calamity. He had quarreled with his Portugese friends, who tried to deter him from this trip. He quited the job. He bought tickets and flew back home, where he immediately joined the Right Sector.

In the training - maximum of attention and responsibility. In any case of trouble he was coming first to help. He was spending days and nights in the office. He was helping to everybody everywhere: here is Pukh getting a training, here is he leading a combat group of the local office of the 1-st Reserve Battalion (1st RBAT) of the Ukrainian Volonteer Corp The Right Sector (UVC RS), here is he cooking, here is he making order in the warehouse, here is he playing with the neighbours' children, here is he chatting with old ladies, who occupied all the benches around the headquarter, here is he organising a basketball match on the stadium -- he was everywhere.

He was telling to his relatives and friends that we should stop being slaves, that we must fight for our land and for justice. He died from a shot in his back. But in the report the officials stated that he got a wound of the abdomen. It is symbolic - the fighter for justice is being drenched with injustice.

This has been written by the warriors of the 1st RBAT UVC RS and the girls from the head office of the Right Sector of Zakarpattya about their congener. They will remember him as is written ... But how the Ukrainians will remember Ruslan? As a gangster, who tried to get a piece of business cake from the local gangsters with the Deputy credentials? As a Robin Hood, who died trying to get a part of the illegal capital of the local government officials for the Right Sector? As a warrior, who died trying to change the life of the people in his hometown? We are trying to answer these questions ...

Now, there are thousands of soldiers on the forefront -- from both the Army and the volunteers' battalions -- are thinking about their future lives. Where the soldiers come together, are there always talks about the hard lives of their families, when their men and fathers are at the forefront. The prices, the tarifs, the absence of the truth and the justice. It is not a news at the forefront, that they think about to take their weapons with them when returning from the forefront to their civil lives, and to make an order in their hometowns and villages.

Brothers, be prepared for the shooting in your backs here. Like it happend with Ruslan Ignatolya -- the warrior of the 1st RBAT UVC RS -- with Friend Pukh.