“Despicable” discrediting - parallels with history

The campaign to discredit the volunteer movement is continuing. The community is hopeless due to recent failures and it is raising much doubt that grows on total disappointment and fatigue.

But the history already sorted between truth and falsehood, propaganda and manipulation. Why do we keep walking in a circle of our own mistakes?

The second half of 1944. Complete occupation of Ukraininan territory by the Soviet regime. One ocupying regime replaced the previous one. There was a confrontation between the Soviet regime and the Ukrainian Insurgent Army.

When analyzed by points - the parallels are obvious.

  1. An attempt to discreit the Ukrainian revolutionary - liberation movement. The general emphasis of the Soviet and today’s propaganda is on discrediting and dividing the movement. The terms that the Soviets used - “Ukrainian-German nationalists”, “OUN bandits”, “Hitler’s traitors”, “illegal armed groups”, “volunteers go away”, “they were not there at all”, “work for Putin”, “contraband smugglers from Right Sector”, etc.

  2. Intimidation against ‘monster’ insurgents, that result in lowering their popular support, the loss of which undermines the whole existence of the movement. Formation of special groups that terrorize the population under the disguise of the insurgent army soldiers. This special groups usually included former fighters of OUN-UPA that were working undercover in insurgent groups and knew the tactics and behavior of Ukrainian soldiers.

    Year 2015. The official statement of the Zaporizhya branch of Right Sector on the events near the regional prosecutor’s office on July 22nd - “We would like to inform that the Zaporizhya branch of Right Sector does not support the regional prosecutor, Oleksandr Shatskyy. “Yovbaks” that are under the disguise of symbols of our movement that broke up a rally for his resignation today, July 22, have noting to do with the Right Sector.”

    Is the ‘group UVC RS independent from the leadership of UVC RS’ (think about it), members of which torture prisoners, publish photos and videos of the torture and this information is replicated by almost all “independent” media. Journalists are not surprised even by the fact that a few people in this group represent themselves as combats of the exact same battalion of Ukrainian Volunteer Corp group of Right Sector.

    Interior Ministry special forces, “Yovbyk”, are created all over the country. It can be predicted that their members, for the most part, will have a certificate of participant in ATO, or represent themselves as “former soldiers of volunteer battalions”.

  3. Physical destruction of UPA soldiers/ today - volunteers and their families. The tactic was the following - “...in a few days before the raid, small Interior Ministry groups provoked a dispute with UPA, after which tanks, artillery and even plannes were brought on an “concentric” offensive that was started from all sides. In execution of our “government representatives” - Mukacheve 2015.

    Searches, interrogation, and psychological pressure on relatives - one more method of combating Ukrainian patriotism inherited by our authorities from instigators of NKVD - KGB.

  4. The attack on a church, which could resurface during the years of war. Priests were arrested for cooperating with UPA soldiers and sentences to many years in prison. In 2015, searches in Right Sector chaplains. Chaplain 1 of UVC Battalion (Right Sector Zakarpattya) Vasyl Mandzjuk: “I think the main reason for the search of my house was my chaplain work for UVC RS. My wife says they closely examined the cabinet where I store all my clerical items. Maybe the cups, plates, the Gospel and other books are serious weapons…”

  5. And finally, one more inventions from red commissioners. In 1944, the Secretary of the Rivne Regional Committee of the Ukrainian Communist Party, V. Begma, suggests to M. Khruschev “to carry out full mobilisation of men aged between 17 to 50 years old and send them to the eastern region where they need to be divided: half sent to the army and half to the volunteer battalions”. In 2015, “...in 3 days, 141 notices to appear to army were given out to contraband smugglers and other “patriots in camouflage”...reports the Interior Minister A. Avakov.

    The new set of “government representatives” have overstepped their predecessors. Notices to appear to the army were even given to girls - students and chaplain girls.