“The Twelfth: It is!”

We are just reserves, but without a fear
We get up with gray dawn in the morning.
Oh, it’s gonna be crazy attacking
At the end, of course, is the breakthrough.
Dmytro Pavlychko

Probably, only in “Utopia” written by Thomas More everything is perfect – society, state, human being. Life itself is very far from ideal. For weak persons it is usually a redundant reason for whimpering. However, we, nationalists, see the God’s will in it. The King of heaven and earth, in spite of all his power, leaves us a chance to improve the present reality, to fulfil our dreams, to change the world and to change ourselves. Therefore, the red-and-black flag convoked on Maidan best sons and daughters of Ukraine. Through the three months of overefforts of conscious people, through the sacrifice of the Heaven's Hundred Heroes, strength of revolutionists and blacken pavement we have thrown down the regime of president Yanukovych. But russia occupied Crimea and began the invasion of Donbass.

The Leader of “The Right Sector” made a decision to form The Ukrainian Volunteer Corps with it’s aim “….the struggle with moscow’s aggression, destruction of enemies of Ukrainian nation –terrorists and separatists, restitution under the full control of a Ukrainian government Donetsk and Luhansk regions and Crimea peninsula (The Leader Dmytro Yarosh, allocution from 15 July 2015 B.)

According to directive of the Corps commander from 26.09.2014 № 17 on a base of force organization “The Right Sector” of Kherson region was created 12th RBAT UVC RS, our battalion. Pastuh was appointed as a commander of the battalion. He has passed through the Afghan war and returned home from the Donbas’s front line. The basis of subunit was formed of the volunteers, who had already smelled the powder on the East.

Everything had to be done from the start. Still it is hard to overestimate the help of our compatriots. Indeed, there are not only an extremely tasty watermelons grow on Kherson lands, but a lot of original Ukrainians live here. The best proof is the fail of separatism on this territory, russian scum have not crawled out from occupied Crimea.

Only owing to compatriots battalion got the place for basing, influxes of volunteers and thorough assistance. Its important to mention that people helped what they could: the one gave the fuel, the other permanently brought the provisions, and some (for example grannies) fetched knitted socks and home-made canned food.

Of course, the formation of battalion went on not easily. The Commander became to much proud with previous martial laurels, discipline and the quality of training reduced. On November 20, 2014 the battalion was abolished according to the decree for Corps. However the majority of command staff and fighters passed the verification and occurred not implicated in negative activities and was ready to proceed the protection occupation. Consequently, on a basis of abolished subunit on December 13, 2014 was established 12th battalion with new Commander Vados.

The main task of a subunit is mobilization of volunteers, their training and following departure to the military subunits of the Corps, providing of systematic rotation of fighters. Still, with a total paralysis of Government and throughout decay of its force structures – police, public prosecutor's office, etc.—only 12th, as a military component of The Right Sector in the region, became a main factor of non-admission of terrorist’s and separatist’s activities and anti-ukrainian operations in the region. Since September, 2014 the right volunteers had blocked up the administrative border with occupied Crimea and the strategically important Kakhovska GES.

On Battalion’s account are detection of Crimean reconnaissance and sabotage groups; combating border smuggling, drug trafficking, gambling, street crime, help the Orthodox communities of UOC Kiev Patriarchate to defend churches from moscow’s priests, thousands of kilometers in the region, countless overthrown idols of lenin, hundreds of meetings and events. Our sleepless nights and short forced marches with full soldier's packs are only for people. The sincere thankfulness and support to us are only from people. Even with such a hard schedule fighters found time to chop firewood for a single mother or to work in a garden of some granny. Guys gladly helped at the household, probably recalling remote peaceful life, and as a reward they got domestic odorous milk and greens gathered by women’s hands.

The Country had passed through the flame of Maidan being inspired and was drawn into the war with russia. The Right Sector, battalions of The Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, fighting friends and colleagues almost one and a half year struggle inveterately against russian invader and internal counterrevolution. Our 12th battalion is in this national liberation rows.

But enemies, having no possibilities to demolish the Organisation and the UVC in general, in several regions, especially in Kherson region, proceed the attempts to undermine the situation, to split up groups of patriots and to influence destructively on non-hardened fighters. There are some ex-chums, who started swanking after a short rotation on the block, the underworld, the russian crime and corrupt militia. Nowdays for all of them (previous and current authorities) we are like a bone in the throat, because they want to bite more. They are hunting like jackals around the subunit trying to bite.

Vainly. Battalion is like a clenched fist, Ukrainians, Tatars, Georgians, russians are together, shoulder to shoulder—we will never sag. When you look into the fighter’s eyes during the forming, you see it. There are our Kherson steppes, Dnipro water meadows and painstaking people. And as in old cossack’s times our blessed Ukraine is behind us.

We have to win. We will win. After all, God is with us, as well as our courageous nation and blood brother’s shoulder of thousand-thousand right volunteers do.

We have something to die, and the main thing - have something to shed the blood of our enemies!