All quiet on the Western front. Has not a coup d'état taken place?

Today a special journalist group of UVC-info is coming back from Mukachevo. Events on the ‘Western’ front became so resonant for the whole Ukraine that will become the object of many investigations. At the same time the results of the official investigation of the Mukachevo events in the national media are shown one-sided. They publish mainly information given by police, who stands for protection of esprit de corps and report only the number of open proceedings and the titles of the Criminal Code articles, as well as some pseudoanalytic evaluations prepared by various "experts", employed by an ordering party.

As rightly noticed one of the fighters:

"Our media deftly pulled the wool over audience’s eyes, and after so called ‘experts’ came and evenly distributed the wool"

The drawing cards of the info-program are a newly appointed governor, who must fight smuggling, and a Parliamentary, who has something to do with bringing the Transcarpathian police to a human face. Both have not achieved much success so far, but their public statements’ self-confidence and peremptoriness impress deeply.

Browsing a news line we can see that the events in Mukachevo are on the backburner. We no longer watch every five minutes another official statement, the special journalists of TV channels went home, the parliamentary committee as always does not hurry with conclusions and even real age and the fate of a six-years old 5th grader gradually is becoming out of the society’s interest. The topic is exhausted. Highlighted. Placed into the archives. But is not it too early?

Where are more than 30 interviews that were given by the local activists of the National Liberation Movement "Right Sector" to journalists during the dramatic events? None of them has been shown. Where are all those independent journalists, fans of “digging" - conducting their own investigations? Where are your conclusions? Where are the experts, who after watching “police footage” can explain clearly to unprepared audience, where and why there is not everything so obvious as was told? Silence. When the price of an issue is millions euro per day - and this is just an approximate amount of black turnover of smuggling and drug trafficking in Transcarpathia – the fighters for the truth and justice prefer to remain silent. After all, silence is gold and a key to a long carefree life.

Soldiers of the UVC reserve battalion, who were in the war hell in the East and returned home, believe otherwise. They live by the principle of NLM "Right Sector": “If you see injustice, act”. Since February 2015 the battalion and the party activists conducted systematic work to identify and document smuggling, drug and people trafficking by Transcarpathian representatives of various "elites". Police is refusing to accept applications that can hurt the interests of local bosses, so the focus of the Transcarpathian Right Sector were preparing to make public the results of their investigation on the state level.

A few indisputable facts were decided to get...

The information was obtained, but its content went well beyond smuggler schemes. Separatist network in the region, nourished by incredible cash flows from criminal activities, was gaining momentum. Cells were formed, young sportsmen without certain cases were recruited, large quantities of weapons were imported, good relations and experience exchange with terrorists from Donetsk and Luhansk People's Republics were established, lustration was sabotaged. Those authorities, who would not commit the national treason, were bought or deceived. Probably, even places for explosive materials in the course of pipeline were marked and had to explode.

"If local bandits can create their criminal enclaves in Donetsk and Luhansk, why is this not possible in Transcarpathia?"

- so thought those, who had millions of euros in their pockets every day, while their Motherland was bleeding.

When it became clear that the "Right Sector" is abreast of the criminal intents of the Mukachevo gang and resolve this with money does not succeed, the Transcarpathian separatists decided to choose a military solution of the problem.

Soldiers of the UVC reserve battalion were delivered an ultimatum: either they voluntarily appear to M. Lanyo (and there will be killed), or they may try to hide, leave the area and then suffer the death of their relatives (parents, wife, children, brothers, sisters).

When into the one weighing pan is your life, and into the other one is the life of your loved ones, what would you choose?

UVC fighters have chosen the battle. They brought off a battle to ten times superior forces of Transcarpathian separatists, including the representatives of police.

And this battle has changed the history of Ukraine.