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Press-conference of the head of NLM “Right Sector” of Ternopil Vasil Labaichuk and the head “UVC-Info” Alla Mehel in Ternopil

The press-conference of NLM “Right Sector”about events in Zakarpattya has taken place today, on 28th of July, in Ternopil. Head of “UVC-info” Alla Mehel, who came to our city on the way back from Mukachevo specifically for this event, a head of 6 RBAT UVC RS Friend “Buryachok” and the head of political wing of NLM “Right Sector” of Ternopil oblast (county) Vasil Labaichuk were answering the questions of journalists and all other volunteers. At the first place, Mrs. Alla shared an information about situation in Mukachevo, its causes and consequences.

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Hearing of the Appeal Concerning the Preventive Measures of Detention of 2 Right Sectorers

Some points briefly:

  1. The prosecutor and the investigator refer to assumptions and rumors instead of facts and evidence. The judges, of course, follow the set line (question: who were they chosen by?)
  2. The defenders are notified about the set court date at the last possible minute (probably hoping that they will not “appear” to the court). The court does not take into account their petitions and evidence.
  3. According to Part 3 of Act 12 of the Criminal Procedure Codex of Ukraine, the family, of the detained, should be immediately notified about his/her detention and current location. To this day, none of the family members were informed about the detention, location or even the state of health of the detained.
  4. Video recordings of “objective” journalists were turned on during the speeches of the judge and the prosecutor and they were turned off when the defender spoke. Therefore, we do not expect anything more than “impartial” media coverage.

Actually, we did not expect anything more than the rotten system being used in relation to our patriots.

However, the system of internal occupation will be broken and just remember when you decide to repaint yourself into different colors, do not forget how deeply ingrained you are in the previous paint.

Mukachevo tragedy. Reasons and threats

A press conference took place in Uzhhorod on July 27, 2015 with Right Sector’s (RS) leader Oleksandr Sachko and leader of Ukrainian Volonteer Corp information department (UVC-info) Alla Megel. The points discussed dealt with the tragic events in Mukacheve and the informational attack on RS that is taking place because of these events.

The press conference had representatives from local news agencies, such as the newspaper “Fest”, “RIO”, online newspaper “Carpathian Lens”, TV-station “Tysa” but also local representatives of central news agencies, such as “STB”, “Inter”, “112”, etc.

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The Sector of Truth experienced a hacker attack

Last night, the official website of Ukrainian Volunteer Corp was attacked. The site was unavailable to our users for a couple of hours.

The authorities were tolerating us when we were only covering the events of UVC. Once we started criticizing the government and sent a special journalist group to Zakarpattya, we started experiencing “technical difficulties.”

Currently, we have some information about our visitors but we will not be sharing that information at the moment.

We want to reassure all of our users: the modern level of technological development is such that all attempts to shut off the Sector of the Truth will fail. Everything the enemies are capable of doing will only have a temporary effect.

Together, we will win!

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