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On the results of investigation of DDOS-attack on “Sector Pravdy” website

The editorial team of “Sector Pravdy” did not intend to leave unnoticed the unfortunate incident with the DDOS-attack on our website, which was undertaken on 24th July. Whilst the anonymous joker was pleasing himself, our website remained inaccessible for three hours.

We have carefully studied the technical information supplied by our web-provider and have identified the IP addresses of the offender, who had sent nearly 100,000 simultaneous enquires to the website from his computer. The anonymous hacker turned out to be a resident of Mariupol. It took us only a few minutes to request information from our Internet provider, identifying and confirming what had happened.

The editorial team of our website is very grateful to the Mariupol based web-provider for their assistance in the investigation and the schooling undertaken in relation to their subscriber.

Attention! Wanted!

Please help us identify criminals in uniform who took part in the shooting of Ukrainian patriots - the soldiers of the 1st RBAT UVC 'RS' - in Mukachevo on 11.07.2015.

They intentionally gave the criminal orders and executed them and opened fire to kill. Consequently, our brother - friend "Pooh" – has been killed in the result of a shot in the back and 4 persons have received injuries.

These criminals in uniform have forgotten how after the Revolution of Dignity, like a flock of sheep, they went on knees and asked the people to forgive them, saying: ‘Police with the people!’. And now they are "with the people" with no bats, but with firearms.

Due to the inactivity of the competent authorities in this case, the Right Sector- Transcarpathia announces an action to identify participants in the bloody events in Mukachevo on 11.07.15.

We ask all not indifferent citizens to join the action and report information on people who were at the checkpoint and took part in the shooting of our activists!

Our contacts:
+38 067 912 39 26
+38 099 016 60 34
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Currently, we have already determined 23 persons, but this is not a complete list.

“General’s Insignia”

In a modern Facebook prose, only a lazy contributor would not kick an Ukrainian General’s ass. They are lazy and fat. Beyond any doubt, there is meaning in those epithets. Therefore the emergence of a new General in the Ukrainian army was missed by the media. And that is unfortunate!

I was fortunate to meet Mykhailo Zabrodskyy during the exercises of airmobile forces (Ukrainian Airmobile Forces) where he has been the Commander for the past three months. Look into the eyes of this man. Under his leadeship, the glorious 95th Airmobile Brigade made the longest raid on the enemy in modern history.

I have no interntion to list all of his awards or write about his American education and fluency in English but rather to congratulate him on his new rank of Major General and quietly envy those UAF guys that have the privilege of being under his leadership.

P.S. In the photo, he is next to Dmytro Yarosh during those same exercises in Shyrokyy Lan. Two completely different people: the first - a professional soldier, a combat officer. The second - a professional revolutionary. Two destinies that beautifully intertwined in protecting their native land.

Patriots from Kharkiv prevented “Opposition Block” from the first step to local elections

The morning of August 3rd, supporters of “Opposition Block” led by current deputy, Mykhailo Dobkin, held a meeting outside of the Kharkiv Regional State Administration. They demanded that State Department of Justice register the Kharkiv branch of the party so they can take part in local elections.

Харківські патріоти завадили Опозиційному блоку

However, unfortunately for them, patriotic pro-Ukrainian youth decided to take a walk in the center of Kharkiv that same morning...

It is obvious that the meeting between separatists supporters and Kharkiv youth did not end well.

Kharkiv is Ukraine!

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Representatives of pro-Ukrainian organizations explained the events that happened in the center of Kharkiv

Representatives from pro-Ukrainian organizations gathered at the Kharkiv anti-crisis center, on the evening of August 3rd, to discuss the events that took place that same day on Petrovskogo St. In the press conference - Valentyn Bystrychenko (Kharkiv Civil Guard), Friend Sergo (Chief of Staff of 15 RBAT of UVC Right Sector), Dmytro Oliynyk (Kharkiv Civil Guard),Dmytro Marinin-Deputy of Kharkic City Council - all gave their assessments of activist attempts, by suporters of “Opposition Block”, to destabilize the situation.

Details in the video.

The "Hospitallers" of the UVC. Project "Free medical care"

When, in the case of the violation of their rights, people phone not "02", but either to the closest headquarter or the base of The Right Sector, when in the case of an injury, people take the hurt not to the emergency, but to the "Hospitallers" of the UVC - this is a sign of the real trust of the population, is the litmus paper, which detects the real efficiency of the work of a structure. A 10-years-old Stasyk from Dmytrivka became a victim of a ruthless sandbox battles - he was brought to our base with a dislocation and a fracture. There he got the first aid - the hand was immobilised, splinted and anesthetized. In 10 minutes Stasyk with his father was brought to the hospital in Pavlograd. The X-ray showed that the hand was fractured with a large displacement, so the kid will have to take a long treatment in Dnipropetrovsk. The family has also been given some material support. The working front of the "Hospitallers" is extending, permeating into the civil life!

2nd Separate Task Force: "the sector of the front we are controlling will become a stumbling block for the enemy"

The fighters of the 2nd STF of the UVC of the RS are returning to the East after a period of rotation. New recruits, who have completed their training, set off on the road to the front. The war goes on.

When a battle between artillery slows its deadly turns and a battle of hand smoke grenades, snipers, sappers and miners is gaining momentum, we use time to our best advantage, in order to finish constructing our hardcore "Mannerheim Line". Some fighters watch the enemy through binoculars from their shooting locations, whilst some are digging trenches. "A shovel is our engineering equipment, a bulletproof jacket serves as a bed and a helmet substitutes for a pillow. "A drink of lukewarm water from the hydrator is like a fresh Mojito", – laughs the deputy commander of the 7th Reserve Battalion of the UVC our friend nicknamed Vus [Translation: Moustache], who is currently at the forefront as an acting commander of the 2nd STF of the UVC of the RS.

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Truth about situation in Mukachevo. Full video report.

A head of the "National Liberation Movement (NLM) Right Sector (RS)" Olexander Sachko and head of "Ukrainian Volunteer Corp (UVC) - info" Alla Mehel organised a press-conference on 27th of July 2015 in the city of Uzhgorod. The topic was tragedy in Mukachevo and an information attack against RS related to these events.

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