The head of information services of the Right Sector Olena Bilozerska about the blockade of Crimea.

The head of information services of the Right Sector Olena Bilozerska

Right now I am far away with my unit, but all my thoughts are there, near Chonhar, with those guys - Tatars and Ukrainians, blocking the Crimea. I hope we will be ordered to go there at least for a short rotation. For sure, I will be useful there because I have the experience of standing on checkpoints.

Of course, I fully support the blockade. It is a great shame that this had not been done before, by the state, not just by citizens’ initiative.

They say that during a day of blockade 800 trucks have been stopped. How many of them passed for over the year and a half?

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Meeting with Iryna Yarosh

Meeting with Iryna Yarosh… The daughter of putin’s personal enemy and the Leader of the National Liberation Movement - Dmytro Yarosh. Who is she? Today you have a chance to find out.

Friend Siryi: To those who work for the Ukrainian militia

We, members of the National Liberation Movement "The Right Sector", fighters of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps "The Right Sector", appeal to you with a warning.

Your shields covered Donec’k gang on Maidan. You tortured activists and journalists in militia departments and faked automaidaners’ protocols. Are you saying that exactly this was not your job? There are a lot of militia officers; some of them came to Maidan with guns to protect people, but only after the shooting in February. Nowadays we are on the same side of the front in the war against Russian occupiers. We are volunteers and without any ammunition provided by the state. You receive salaries, stay in peaceful cities, and serve a month of rotation on the third line, at best. We together with people’s support, have overthrown the internal occupation regime of Yanukovych. We together with fellow volunteer battalions, and the Armed Forces have stopped the Russian invaders and have not given the authorities to surrender Donbass, as Crimea before, during the Minsk agreements. You are currently "in chocolate" - your wages go up, you have brand new appliances, generously receive medals, only to give the chance to political opportunists to be able to sit behind your backs and hide from people’s anger.

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The head of Odessa branch of NLM the Right Sector about his arrest

Here is what happened with my arrest.

Let’s start with a small story that in a way influences the whole situation.

In April me being the head of Odessa branch of NLM the Right Sector, and also AvtoMaidan, Selfdefense and other patriotic organizations have confirmed an application to the Interior Ministry, Security Service and Prosecutor's Office regarding the illegal actions of Presman’s man S. Scherbich, which was supposed to become a deputy of the district council of Kominternivske. This person has very interesting biography, some parts of it I recommend you to read following the link.

As citizens that care about Ukraine we were outraged that this person goes into government instead of being responsible for what he had done under the law.

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Corps "The Right Sector". Officers. Motivations.

I assigned a meeting date with four of them at the same time. At their place, on the balcony, separated from the plaza in front of the barracks/dining room by the white camouflage netting. Such an observation point: they are not seen behind the mesh, but they can observe the fighters. Improvised table, chairs/benches, coffee ...

“Romashka” (Daisy) is an embodiment of balance, an officer from a military dynasty, a colonel. Graying hedgehog style hair is separated by a scar - an injury. Organized, always neat not only outside, but also emotionally. Also moderate in conversation. Romashka is an instructor of tactics and air scouting. Some soldiers, who decided to stay with the battalion under any circumstances, are following him around with maps and colored pencils. Tactics is an addictive art.

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UVC at the school desks

- Class, get up! Glory to Ukraine!

- Glory to the heroes!

It isn’t so easy to compel a score or two of big guys in khakis to listen to you. Especially if you know their histories - the dramatic stories of this war, the ups and downs, losses and disappointments. Especially if you are shorter than all of them, and a woman.

Nonetheless, I am a teacher among them. The dream come true only after more than a year of my stay at UVC base - the course of lectures on Information war. It would be nice to see it before, but probably neither I nor they were ready. I had no authority to compel them to listen, I hadn’t the trust and recognition of professionalism. In turn, they had not experience of losses, namely, in informational fighting to understand the inportance of this information for themselves. Now, they say, “stars have agreed”. We’ve got the course.

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Vivĕre est cogitare, vivĕre est militare: to live is to think, to live is to fight

український націоналізм

«Today we do not need to seek out new theories or philosophies - we have it all. We must return to the days when the last shots of national liberation struggle were heard, must raise again the flag that has been thrown down by the enemy from our holy sites ... "
Zenovi Krasivsky

Every nation has its time - to grow and get stronger, or fade away. Thus, step by step, nations pass their own way. Some leave behind papyruses and ruins of temples, some disappear like shadows after few centuries, others God keeps on Earth for thousands of years. The Ukrainian nation is too young when compared to the old European nations. Nevertheless, we have the creation and development of the Ukrainian National State on the Ukrainian land ahead of us, because only in their own national state the Ukrainians can remain Ukrainians and Christians, and Ukraine can remain Ukraine. The pavements of Maidan, lost Crimea, and devastated Donbas indeed woke up the sleeping nation. Only through blood, own blood, as well as blood of the enemy, the Ukrainians will achieve their future.

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The Minsk is being executed

мінські домовлености виконуються

We offer the screenshot from the website of UNIAN news agency to your attention. It is a very interesting screenshot. The statements of two "government leaders" are synchronously presented on it: one is still the President of Ukraine; the second one is the head of "a young people's republic". Both "politicians" talk about the same thing - the Minsk agreements and that there is no alternative to fulfill them. How it is interesting that their thoughts are coincided, aren’t they?

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