Special status

The Ukrainian government has surpassed itself in substitution of the content in concepts and inventing new meanings. Look at the war, which is called ATO, or at the lustration, in which all officials of the past, except perhaps the most notorious, continue to sit in the Parliament and other high offices?

Another one - distorted and warped concept - a "special status" for Donbass or "specific regions of Donetsk and Lugansk regions" (by the way, also a distortion of the content, instead of “specific”, it should rather say “occupied”).

From the very beginning of the war the enemy demanded federalization of Ukraine. But federalization is unacceptable for our country both morally and in terms of common sense (because there is no substantial ground on which the nation and the territory should be divided). The actions of the enemy clearly show that it needs nothing other than "the Ukrainian Federation".

Instead of fighting, the current government, like a cheap girl, is trying to satisfy everyone. For this purpose, the President and his team again use their favorite tactic of substitution of concepts to convince its own people, as well as Russian invaders and foreign partners, with different things.

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His Highness and Excellency Pan Hetman of entire Ukraine Poroshenko?

During the solemn speech commemorating the 24th anniversary of the Ukrainian Independence, the President P. Poroshenko quoted a famous philosopher-statesman of the last century Vyacheslav Lipinsky:

“The nation embraces all classes, languages, faith, and tribes of the Ukrainian land.”

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All-Ukrainian Congress of NLM the Right Sector on July 21st 2015. Full video report


1. All-Ukrainian Congress of NLM the Right Sector. The grand opening

Greeting of the participants of the Congress, National Anthem performance, prayer and speech of the UVC chaplain, a minute of silence in memory of those who died fighting for the independence of Ukraine. The grand opening of the all-Ukrainian Congress of NLM the Right Sector.

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The Patriots Help the Farmers

The Ukrainian Volunteer Corps of the Right Sector together with their sworn brothers from the Armed Forces of Ukraine are confronting the Russian invaders in the Liberation war in Donbass. But apart from the soldiers training for rotation their divisions are fighting expressions of separatism, corruption and protect people’s interests in all the regions of Ukraine.

In particular, the soldiers of the 12th Battalion didn’t pass over the problems of the country people of Novodmytrovka-2 village in Ivanivsky district of Kherson region. The owner of Athens LLC named Mr. V. Chumbas delays payment for the land shares rent. Besides, in the meanwhile when most part of the farmers pay to the people 6,300 UAH, he keeps paying chicken feed according to the contracts of 2006 which is 2,900 UAH only while people have to pay 3,500 UAH for one to of coal.

Neither negotiations nor remonstrances affected the owner of the agricultural company. When he knew that legal volunteers would be present there too, he did not come even to the meeting on August 20 he appointed himself with the farmers. He wrote a police statement saying that the RS had attacked his villa, squeezed money and knocked there around. Only when the farmers decided to block the grain exportation roads completely and the soldiers of the 12th Battalion arrived to protect them he was forced to start negotiation.

The conversation was not easy but supported by the right volunteers and in the presence of the tax administration representatives the village community defended their rights of the land shares owners and now they will get a fair price and in due time. Mr. V. Chumbas has even refused from his hysterical statement to police.

Thankful farmers prepared tasty borscsh for the soldiers of the 12th Battalion and asked a lot about their ideas and battle.

Together we will win! Glory to Ukraine!

​Decommunisation of Kherson regions continues! Collection of Lenin’s heads of the 12th Battalion was replenished on August 14 and August 20 when another two idols were kicked down in Velika Olexandrivka and Novosemenivka of Ivanivsky district respectivel.

Glory to the Nation! Death to the enemies! Communists idols to the dustbin of history!

Anatomy of fatigue caused by the war

‘Now, when the society is tired of the war...’ - a young journalist, who has the courage to go to the zone of so-called ATO for a year. She presents a sensation on fatigue of society. She has never for a moment thought about the real meaning of these words.

- ‘Wait’ – we interrupted almost altogether – ‘the society is tired of what?’

A few seconds pause. The girl again scrolls in the head a simple stylistic stamp, said without thinking. She cannot immediately reach the essence of our question: the society of the country where the war is going on, where there is no declared war, is tired of what?..

- ‘Well, you know, the anxiety, the news on ceasefire...‘ – she is trying to explain, what seems obvious, but cannot be explained. And look at us, as at happy idiots, who do not understand basic things.

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Chaplain Vasyl Mandzyuk: questions towards the authorities of Zakarpattya

”UVC-Info sat down for a moment…”

But UVC-Info sat down for a moment while visiting Right Sector Zakarpattya, where they also met the Chaplain of the 1st Zakarpattya Battalion UVC RS, Father Vasyl Mandzyuk, who has one unpleasant question towards the acting government of Zakarpattya, specifically towards Hennadiy Moskal and Shkyrta…

Let’s Win Together!

Tactics is the art of winning, that is to impose your rules and style of conducting a battle on the opponent. This is like a game of chess. How can you calculate your game? Five moves ahead? Ten? It is said, that the grandmasters usually calculate fifty steps ahead! To play this well, sorry, that is to fight, it is required to master the certain arts of categorized thinking and to learn a tactical dictionary. It is like music.

Of course you can play by ear, but a symphony concert with an orchestra can not. The army compounds, that lead successful fights, always remind us of played ensembles.

We just learn the musical notes in a class of tactics, but the instructors can already identify future commanders with the natural talant among the beginners who will soon become the elite of the new Army.

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The Letter of the Last Will

For dinner... even that baffles…along with the experience, which resents and shouts, blocking the consciousness with the acquired examples of pictures from the recent past at point “zero”, seasoning all that purple salad with all kinds of superstitions.

Why do I need it? I came here to fulfill the hardest man’s work, not to die, but just to do my job.

Testament - no, it's not me, not for me, and not about me. Not to jinx!

And then suddenly everything disappears, all this disturbance lays quietly and hides only from one, but indeed remarkably clever question; aptly, like a controlled charge:

– “Whom do you fight for?”

Precision of the question is exactly what concerns a personal insight - "for whom?" Because personal reasons are inherent for humans. All the rest - the ideology, patriotism, occasion, at least if war can be regarded as such - is secondary.

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War as a science

War as a science

“What is tactics?”. Instructor asks the question in a sharp and laconic military manner.

The room is silent. Then there comes a shy semi-question:

“Is this a science?”

“No! Tactics is not a science. This is pure art. The art to overtake the circumstances, plan the actions intelligently, in order to impose the enemy your own game rules”.

I quietly observe the reaction of pupils who wear camouflage and I feel like them. We understand that there is something we do not understand, but we still do not understand what is it that we do not understand. However, this ain’t a problem, since today this is only the first training on tactics. Our instructor is severe, he rapidly brings anybody to his level, asks a question in abrupt manner and patiently expects the answer, slightly bowing his head aside with a tuft of grey hair revealing a visible scar that left after the old injury.

He explains to the class full of silent “Right Sector” volunteers, what for one has to correctly estimate the intentions and possibilities, as for defence, as for planning of advance. What is the influence onto the plans of red forces (at planning, we, as many armies of the world, are “red”, and the enemy is “blue”) of the terrain, illumination, time and means available. How one can correctly estimate his own resources and learn about the resources of the enemy. The Instructor speaks something by himself, and forces us to speak on something, without hurrying to help:

“I need to see how do you think, in order to understand what and how should I train you”.

After theory introduction comes practice. And that is the most interesting.

“Let’s have some war practice. However, since you are the beginners, we will start from the ancient times. Between you and the sovereign from a neighbouring castle there is a dispute on the border. You say that it has to be closer to his fortress, and he says it should be closer to yours. There was a failure in a peaceful solution of the issue, and your neighbour asked you to fight, saying “I’m coming to you”.

There’s a little cheer behind me there, because among the fighters are many of those called “reconstructors”. Those are not only good in history, but also like to reconstruct the life, clashes and battles of the past in reality.

“A hookup”, the Instructor smiles ironically, “was agreed to be at 6 a.m. in the same border. You have the following data: your position and your rival’s position are around two heights. Weather is dry and hot, wind blows in south-east direction with strong blasts. You are on the south, and your rival is on the north. The forces are more-less equal”.

With fast movements the Instructor draws on the board a simplified map of the locality with the source data. So did my history teacher. He liked to draw the whole pictures of the former famous battles, he knew them perfectly and it seemed he always lived through them, involving the class with him.

“You have”, pronounces the Instructor, “a squadron of cavalry, a cohort of spearmen, fifty archers, one cohort of armored and one cohort of light infantry. Also there is information from intelligence that in your rival’s castle until morning was heard creaking of wagons, roaring of cattle, and music and female laughter was heard from windows. Your task is to estimate your advantages and disadvantages. We work in groups of three, but everybody provides an individual answer”.

There was a silent rumble in the room. Everybody discusses pluses and minuses of our situation in the announced clash. Consider the sunlight direction, where the wind will carry the arrows, what will be the coverage of dust raised by horses. We work.

Soon everybody passes a difficult exam, since the instructor requires straight answers and doesn’t like any blue-sky thinking.

Finally, we receive the dislocation of the rival’s forces. He does not have one troop on his position, therefore he prepares some surprise. And our home task is to process possible variants of the battle.

We are dismissed. I understand that tomorrow I will not be able to spend four hours onto the training, because I will not dare to transfer my own job to DUK-info personnel. However I’ve learned a lesson for myself: first of all, while planning a military operation, it is necessary to think of retreat. I’m deep in thoughts… Even at 4 a.m., having awaked before the sunrise.

And at eight o’clock while going to breakfast I notice a man on duty, who is my yesterday’s college of a group of three.

“Are you on duty?”

“I’ve asked it by myself. I need to perform the home task”. And he opens the notebook with the familiar notes.

I stay at his table, and we jointly process the schemes of battle, bravely drawing each other’s plan with the pencil.

The echo of Mukachevo or who does the miserable minister really work for?

Minister Avakov had recently visited Zakarpattia with a working visit, and rewarded those law enforcers who took part at the shooting of the Right Sector combatants. We are not going to even try investigating (even though we should) the case of the law enforcement awarding. For what great services to the Motherland were they awarded? At our expense Mr. Minister gives awards to those who were shooting patriots, fighters for the independence and integrity of Ukraine. Maybe tomorrow he will decide to award terrorists in the hospital of Donetsk? It is well-known that greatly respected Mr. Avakov handed departmental awards to special forces of MIA (or maybe that was disbanded “Berkut”?). Moreover, one of the officers received the highest award - the authorized fire weapon.

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