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The leaders of the National Movement "Action" visited Odessa

Керівники НР "ДІЯ" відвідали Одесу

A meeting of the leader of the National Movement “Action” and the head of the public-political platform of the movement Andrij Sharaskin, aka "Bohema", with the public organizations, activists, journalists and representatives of the small and middle class business of Odessa and Odessa region took place on April 11 in Odessa. The meeting was held in a warm atmosphere of the co-working center "Terminal 42". During the meeting Natalia Kruchinina was introduced as the Coordinator of the National Movement "Action" in the Odessa region. Dmytro Yarosh told the participants about the movement "Action", which is now established as a broad right oriented initiative, and answered numerous questions from the activists.

Odessa residents, as well as residents of other regions of Ukraine, wondered whether the movement is funded by Igor Kolomoisky. That statement was categorically denied by Dmytro Yarosh. His principle position is that money from oligarchs could only be taken for war, but not for politics, in order not to owe them anything.

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Activists of the National Movement "Action" joined the Public Council in Kirovograd

Activists of the National Movement "Action" joined the Public Council in Kirovograd

The Constituent Assembly on forming a Public Council of the Executive Committee of the Kirovograd City Council took place in Kirovograd. At the meeting there were 75 registered delegates from Public Organizations and Associations, as well as the quarter committees of the city.

The delegates adopted the agenda with 7 points, including election of a counting commission, election of a chairman and a secretary of the Public Council, the quantitative composition of the Public Council, and approval of the regulations on preparation of the advisory body.

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Dmytro Yarosh visited Rivne

Dmytro Yarosh visited Rivne

Today, March 25, the leader of the National Movement “Action” (statehood initiative by Yarosh), people's deputy of Ukraine Dmytro Yarosh came to Rivne. The purpose of the visit is a presentation of the ideas underlying the newly established movement.

Andrij Sharaskin started the meeting, noting that: "This is not a populistic or purely political project. This is a consolidation of all national and patriotic community to understand that Ukraine faces big challenges today, and that is why Dmytro Yarosh is personally communicating with activists and answering all the questions, even the most uncomfortable ones. "

Dmytro Yarosh said that currently the headquarters are working on the statutory basics, in which there will be projects on restructuring of the banking system, prosecutors, and courts, economic, military, and educational projects. "And it's not just words," - said the deputy.

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The “ACTION” in action. Dnipro reports on another victory

ДІЯ в дії.

All are well aware who is Alexander Vilkul and what he did for the country. In particular, a country called Russia.

One day in January 2013 when the Yanukovych "family" pocket governor, who had been set up to control the Dnipropetrovsk region, was "raised" to the first deputy prime minister in the same pocket government, the members of the City Council kissed the Vilkul’s ass and made him a honorary citizen of the Dnipropetrovsk city.

His biography had it all - his team plundered millions from the budget and property in Dnipropetrovsk, destroyed the local healthcare by experimentations, showed an obsequious eagerness to please the "surgeon" Zaldostanov, and finally – organized the Anti-Maidan - beatings and killings of the Ukrainian citizens during the winter of 2014 and participation in subsequent attempts of surrendering Ukraine to the Putin bandits.

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The 13th ceremony of awarding with the Order "The People's Hero of Ukraine" was held in Poltava

The 13th ceremony of awarding with the Order "The People's Hero of Ukraine" was held in Poltava

It is entirely the volunteer initiative to award with the Order "The People's Hero of Ukraine", which was introduced by Andrii Boiechko, a well-known journalist and volunteer.

The first ceremony of awarding took place in June in the city of Kyiv, after that the medals were received in Lviv, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv, Zhytomyr, Sloviansk, and Kramatorsk, as well as on the combat positions and on the temporary border with occupied Crimea. In Odesa the heroes received the awards from Mikhael Saakashvili, a great venerator of Ukraine, ex-president of Georgia, and currently a Governor of Odesa Region Administration. It was him who has awarded Mustafa Dzhemiliev, a leader of the Crimean Tatar People.

Yevhen Mezhevikin (a call sign "Adam") - a legendary tanker, who has defended the Donetsk Airport, the Hero of Ukraine, the People's Hero of Ukraine, a knight of Bohdan Khmelnytskyi Order - handed the medals at the ceremony in Poltava.

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The first coordinators of the new Movement were appointed

The coordinators of initiative groups on creation of regional organisations were appointed by the order of Dmytro Yarosh, the Leader of the National Movement:

Ростислав Винар Rostyslav Vynar in the Dnipropetrovsk region.

Сергій Чірін Sergiy Chirin in the Donetsk region.

Сергій Бистров Sergiy Bystrov in the Kharkiv region.

Working visits of Dmitry Yarosh to regions are going on.

Veterans of the 8th SBAT UVA received the awards for defending Donbas

On February 8th ten commanders and fighters of the 8th Separate Battalion "Aratta" of Ukrainian Volunteer Army, who were at the outset of the 8th squadron formation that later became a battalion, have received the honorary medals "For the Defense of Donbas". These are the following friends: Cherven (commander of the 8th SBAT), Chaplain, Officer, Sichen, Punt, Borysten, Captain, Reut, Tyhyi, and Doctor.

Dmytro Yarosh, the Leader of UVA, who was personally presenting the awards, and Serhii Ilnytskyi (friend Sokil), a chief of UVA headquarters, attended the ceremony.

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Dmytro Yarosh in Mariupol

On February 7th, in between the meetings with the command of Armed Forces of Ukraine, Dmytro Yarosh, Serhii Chyrin, a head of Dmytro Yarosh Headquarters in Donetsk Region, and Andriy Gergert (friend Cherven), a commander of the 8th Separate Battalion of UVA, held two meetings in the local Palace of Youth in Mariupol. The first meeting was with the activists of local headquarters of Dmytro Yarosh and the second one - with the community and all interested persons.

Mariupol is a specific city. It can't be called pro-Ukrainian by its majority but the patriotic community in this city is especially active, organized and fearless from inside. One could feel and simply see on the faces of ordinary residents who came to listen to the Leader and ask him the questions.

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We must stop supplying intellectual weapons to separatists

The petition to the President of Ukraine on media landscape de-occupation is obtaining a wider range of supporters in Ukrainian thinking society. Ukrainian artists, who are outraged by the dominance of Russian "cultural" product, insist on the ban of occupants media-product.

Today we have asked Ivan Lenyo, frontman of Kozak System band and author of the petition, to comment on the initiative and events around it.

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Continuing to build the new Movement of Dmytro Yarosh

Триває розбудова нового Руху Дмитра Яроша

On February 5, the Leader met with activists in Krasnyi Lyman (from now - just Lyman!) and Kramatorsk.

The first meeting took place in a small room in Lyman. It gathered local civic activists, small entrepreneurs, teachers, etc. – those with patriotic views and are respected in the community. There were people from Lyman, as well as residents of Bakhmut, Svyatohorsk and internally displaced people from the occupied territories.

The meeting was relaxed and sincere in the chamber atmosphere. People asked what interested them. The Leader reasonably and honestly answered. The most popular question was why Right Sector split into two structures, what should be done to return Donbass, whether ‘people of Yarosh’ continue to fight at the front line and on what basis, what policy changes could the Ukrainian society expect, how to deal with local corrupt persons on which is no council, and so on.

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Meeting in the City of Dnipro

The working meetings of Dmytro Yarosh, the Leader, are under way. After the extended meeting of December 26-27, 2015, the National Liberation Movement "The Right Sector" in the Region of Dnipropetrovsk has declared its full support of strategic direction, which was pronounced by Dmytro Yarosh, the Leader, in fighting against the external and internal enemies of Ukraine. Since that time the members of organization in the Region of Dnipropetrovsk are actively working on development of the National Movement structures and the Ukrainian Volunteer Army on the territory of a region. All active district and municipal territorial organizations and the personnel of UVC Reserve Units, besides the branches in the Solonianskyi District and the City of Kryvyi Rih, confirmed their readiness to continue working further on building the new state under the Leader's guidance and participating in development of the new Movement and the Ukrainian Volunteer Army.

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