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Ivano-Frankivsk cell reports

Ivano-Frankivsk cell reports

A press conference of the initiative group on creation of the National Movement of Dmitry Yarosh was held in the headquarter of Dmytro Yarosh on the Market Square, 14, in Ivano-Frankivsk. Vasyl Abramiv, a member of the nationwide initiative group on creation of the National Movement of Dmytro Yarosh, Maksym Shvets, the head of the Mobilization Center to Ukrainian Volunteer Army, and Taras Schneider, a coordinator of the Movement in Ivano-Frankivsk answered journalists' questions. They declared the goal of the national patriotic movement. It is to maintain the existing state as a springboard for obtaining the Ukrainian statehood and hold its revolutionary change that will provide freedom, justice, and prosperity to Ukrainian people. Our movement is based on the Ukrainian nationalism postulates of Stepan Bandera..

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Building of the new National Movement of Dmytro Yarosh goes on

02.02.2016, activists met with the Leaders in Kamyansk (Dniprodzerzhynsk). Participants had the opportunity to ask directly Dmytro Yarosh. Everyone could express their vision and plans for the future. All unanimously agreed with Dmytro on ways of building a new organization. Consolidation of healthy forces in society, aspiration to unity in defending national interests and in building the Ukrainian Independent United State: these are what we can realistically oppose to the political and mental separatism. The specific ways of building the organization were developed, such as mobilization to Ukrainian Volunteer Army, widespread involvement of NGOs and establishment of own ones, political party building, raising awareness activities.

'Dmytro highlighted that we will not retreat from the nationalist ideology. Our goal was, is and will be - to build the Ukrainian Independent United State,' - one of the participants shared his impressions.

The Internet-TV channel 7 (the public channel #7) - hosted an online Conference of the Deputy and Leader of the National Movement Dmytro Yarosh

Questions to the Leader for several days were collected on the Forum of the SectorPravdy.

densb82: Left by you "The Right Sector" has positioned itself as the only revolutionary movement in Ukraine. I and many people understand that when the people once again would want to upraise, this force would continue to be at the forefront of the action. Can you please answer how would you position yourself personally in this regard?

Dmytro Yarosh: I have no doubt that as a state Ukraine needs revolutionary changes. And I believe that “The Right Sector” starting from the Maidan time is the best of all things created by Ukrainians. But for the revolutionary changes we need broader personnel. And we need to attract patriots from different environments. I believe that soldiers, who were on the front line, will not participate in a narrow movement, but a consolidating national movement will in the future take over the functions of the revolutionary organizations. But during a war we cannot allow destabilization in the country. That is why the UVA units were given undoubtedly verified functional responsibilities, clear both to the government and to the military. Accordingly, the revolution is open to all people united by the idea of the Ukrainian nation. But it is important not to provoke direct aggression from Russia.

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The National Movement of Dmytro Yarosh was introduced in Rivne

The National Movement of Dmytro Yarosh was introduced in Rivne

On January 18, the National Movement of Dmytro Yarosh was introduced in Rivne. Roman Koval, a coordinator of the movement in the Rivne region, Oleksandr Mohutov, a deputy of the coordinator, and friend Tyhyi, a commander of the reserve battalion №10 of Ukrainian Volunteer Army and Volodymyr Andrushechko, a combatant in the East, were presenting it to journalists and activists. The decision to establish the movement was made on Friday at a meeting of the initiators of the Movement.

Roman Koval said about future activities: ‘We continue to operate locally, but, I stress, without the use of force. We will do everything to prevent the possibility to dismantle statehood in Ukraine. We had such precedent before.’ He stressed that employees of the Security Service, Prosecutor's Office, Armed Forces, lawyers, managers, economists, intellectuals, who support the ideology of nationalism, will be invited to join the Movement.

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The 12th ceremony of awarding with the Order of People's Hero of Ukraine was held in Ternopil

The 12th ceremony of awarding with the Order of People's Hero of Ukraine was held in Ternopil. The Ukrainians were taking participation over a month in open discussion of candidates, among them there were the military men, journalists, fighters, medical doctors, volunteers, and priests. Thirteen people received the awards. Four of them are from the Ternopil Region: Valerii Chobotar ("Hatylo"), Chaplain Rev. Hunia, and posthumously to Andrii Yurkevych ("Hrizli") and Ivan Vityshyn.

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The evening, lavish of ideas

Національний Рух Дмитра Яроша

- What holiday?! There is a war! – This is the outcry inherent to the Christmas holidays in 2016.

Indeed, the consciousness is little tormented to celebrate, especially since I know not from the TV how it is over there now - in the trenches. So the Dmytro Yarosh team decided to celebrate the Old New Year in their own way: representatives of the teams that left “The Right Sector” following the Leader, as well as veterans of military units and commanders of operating battalions arrived from all over Ukraine to the base of the 5th Separate Battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army.

Національний Рух Дмитра Яроша

Dmytro Yarosh opened the meeting.

Національний Рух Дмитра Яроша

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Dmytro Yarosh has announced the foundation of a new movement

Movement “The Right Sector", in my personal opinion, was the most striking phenomenon in the Ukrainian society for the last two years.The most romantic and heroic pages of modern Ukrainian history are connected with the Right Sector.

The Right Sector has emerged as a revolutionary structure - during the revolution and for the revolution. This revolution has not been finished, and its completion - the creation of the Ukrainian Independent United State - has been postponed for a time because of reasons independent from us, among which the main one is the war with the Russian aggressor.

So I think, as of today, the Right Sector as a revolutionary structure has completed its mission in full. These were the battles on Maidan and creation of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps to resist the external aggressor.

Now is the time to focus on state building matters. Our movement has grown and strengthened, and proceeds to a new stage of development. Now we want to be not as narrowly functioning but as a national patriotic movement to unite all patriots of Ukraine - without radicalism, within the margin, and without liberal demagoguery.

Our goal still remains the same - to create the Ukrainian Independent United State. Our twofold task is to preserve the existing state as a base for obtaining national statehood, and to make the revolutionary changes that will provide freedom, justice, and prosperity to the Ukrainian people.

We do not abandon the revolutionary path but fully deny the pseudo-revolutionary activity that threatens the existence of the state of Ukraine and stains the reputation of patriots. We are opposed to the current government but do not believe that bloody revolts (that are doomed to failure) are appropriate against it.

For the above reasons, I along with my team leave the National Liberation Movement "The Right Sector". We are initiating the creation of a new social-political movement. The founding meeting is being planned for February. Now we are working on its development, the concept of activity, and programmatic principles.

As for the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps that defended Pisky, Airport, Shyrokyne, Savur-Mohyla, and created the medical battalion "The Hospitallers", the fighters of which have saved thousands of lives; it must grow, develop further and move to a new level. Therefore, the 5th and 8th battalions of UVC and medical battalion "The Hospitallers" are being reorganized into the Ukrainian Volunteer Army. It will be one of the structures of a newly created movement.

We continue fighting at the front against the external aggressor and working on the development of our Country in the rear. We are grateful to all fellow fighters, who have walked with us on this difficult but glorious path.

Doors of our movement are open to all patriots of Ukraine who share our values, especially for members and supporters of the Right Sector.

Glory to Ukraine!

Dmytro Yarosh

Olena Bilozerska: my only Leader is Dmytro Yarosh

Friends, for the entire day you have been waiting for my comments regarding the statement of Dmytro Yarosh that he is to resign from the Leader of the NLM "The Right Sector". You are waiting - and I am silent. With a single clear reason - unwillingness to wash dirty linen, to take public something that concerns only us, the Right Wingers.

But I see that the story accumulates even improbable assumptions and insinuations, so I have something to explain. The National Liberation Movement "The Right Sector" includes the political party "The Right Sector" and the military wing - UVC (Ukrainian Volunteer Corps). The leadership functions have been performed by the Leaders of the Party, elected at the general congress.

The following had occurred at the conference of the NLM "The Right Sector" on November 8, after which D.Yarosh wrote his resignation statement. The conference was organized by some members of the Organization who advocate a transition of the NLM RS to the hard revolutionary path. This does not mean an immediate assault on admin buildings, but means an open acknowledgment of "The Right Sector" that the current government is illegitimate, and the movement itself is the only legitimate representative of the interests of the Ukrainian nation.

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Statement of the commanders and soldiers of the UVC PS fighting battalions

To the Leader of the NLM “The Right Sector” Dmytro Yarosh
Dmytro Yarosh

Combat units of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps are the vanguard of the fight against the Russian invaders and collaborators. All this time from the beginning of the hostilities in the East, we fought not for rewards and status. We have faced this battle for the Ukraine's future, for our families and our children. And we did this, like you, dear Leader, voluntarily.

All this time - both before and after the injury - you were with us. We shared not only the courage and the threats of war. All this time you led us for victory, and not for slaughter, not only at the front line, but also in our revolutionary activities. After gaining military experience, seeing the enemy face to face, we share your view on the struggle for the UIS (Ukrainian Independent State).

You know the value of every soldier of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps, so we are asking you to take combat units # 5 and #8 (Separate Battalions), and the medical battalion “Hospitallers” under your direct guidance.

Led by you, we are ready to go into a battle against any enemy, as we are certain that you will not despise human lives, or our freedom, or chances given to us by the LORD for the re-conquest of the true Independence of Ukraine.

Commander of the Separate Battalion #5 friend “Chornyi”
Commander of the Separate Battalion #8 “Aratta” friend “Cherven”
Chief of “Hospitallers” medical management and rehabilitation Yana Zinkevych
Commander of the Battalion “Hospitallers” friend “Strilok”

NLM "Right Sector" calls for resistance to political repressions

Правий сектор

Today the security forces have arrested (and de facto has kidnaped without explanation) Gennady Korban, the chairperson of the political council of the party "UKROP". Massive searches of the members of "UKROP", volunteers and NGOs that cooperate with them take place.

NLM "Right Sector" considers this "special operation" is a planned continuation of political repression by the representatives of the rulling authorities in close cooperation with the previous ones against their political opponents.

Gennadiy Korban, Yuri Syrotyuk, Igor Mosiychuk, Bogdan Tytsky and dozens of other detainees belong to various political forces or are non-party. They are united by one thing: the ability to exert significant resistance to authorities. This resistance occurs in different ways - from actions of civil disobedience to obtaining a substantial percent in the elections, which destroys the anti-state "agreements", according to which "current" authorities are trying to give power to "conditionally former" authorities in some cities and entire regions of our country.

Whatever arguments cited by the Ministry of Interior, Security Service, prosecutors and judges to explain these arrests, the truth speaks for itself: all detainees in high-profile political cases belong to opponents of the current authorities, and none - to its supporters. So, all these arrests, searches and interrogations are politically motivated. The massive stupidity of them resembles the last period of the Yanukovych’s inglorious reign.

NLM "Right Sector" encourages all, who agree with the abovementioned, as possible, to support political prisoners and prepare the ground for the ruling authorities to finish their rule not better than the previous one.

Leadership of NLM "Right Sector"

"Our victory is in the hands of God, but our heroism is in our hands"

St. Mary's Day, above all, is the day of warriors. People asked the Virgin for protection at all times. Today is a good tradition to pray to the Heavenly Mediatrix to protect all those who are on the road, in a war, or in captivity.

In this magnificent holiday I congratulate all Christians - men and commanders of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps! Let each combat unit and reserve battalion will be under the protection of the Virgin Mary!

Our struggle is not finished yet. Each fighter of the UVC, no matter whether in the war or in the rear, has a sacred duty to win.

By taking up arms, we chose the fate of soldiers. Ukrainian Volunteer Corps is a real people's army. And we will fight for the fate of the Ukrainian people until the final Victory.

Russian invader tramples our land. And there is no "truce" for us while the enemy is alive. There should be no pity for those who brought death and destruction into our home. No forgiveness to the traitors who went against the Ukrainian people. Our goal is the complete and final liberation of Ukraine from the eastern horde of nowadays.

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