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Public organizations initiated a movement to promote territorial defense

movement to promote territorial defense

The memorandum of cooperation among associations within public initiative movement promoting territorial defense of Ukraine was signed on October 13, 2015 . The initiative, currently at the stage of foundation, was united around a common idea of more than ten public organizations that actually demonstrated their effectiveness by training thousands of potential and existing defenders of Ukraine.

This Public Union includes organizations involved in military and pre-conscription training of men and women, youth and children, mobilized soldiers and volunteers. Among the founders of the movement promoting territorial defense of Ukraine are such organizations as the Society for the Defense of Ukraine, youth club “Jura”, Youth Nationalist Congress, the Ukrainian Legion, Plast - the National Scout Organization of Ukraine, public organization "The Right Sector", the Ukrainian Association of Gun Owners, training unit "Desna", Civic Corps of the Regiment “Azov”, special tactical training center "White Wolf", the Ukrainian Reserve Army, and the Ukrainian Female Guard.

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Political party "The Right Sector" does not support any candidate in the upcoming local election.

According to the decision of NLM "The Right Sector" Congress held in July of this year, our political force does not participate in the local election in October 2015. We believe that:

- This untimely election is unable to change the situation in the country for better;

- At this stage it is also inappropriate to spend our strength and resources on an attempt to change the system by integrating into one of its layers. This would not benefit Ukraine, and would cause reputational damage to our political force.

Also we officially declare that "The Right Sector" does not support any candidate on the upcoming election. All statements of different political forces and individual candidates claiming that we allegedly support them, all their attempts to artificially tie the Right Sector to their election propaganda, are just usual manipulations. The vast majority of these political forces will forget about their "friendship" with the Right Sector on the last day of the official election campaign.

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Attention! Urgent! Statement from the Operational Staff of the Right Sector Regarding the Blockade of Crimea

The Ukrainian people are going through the difficult and tragic page in their history - the enemy came to our land. Crimea is currently occupied by the Russian invaders, who together with the oligarchs use the peninsula to get rich from our citizens.

The Crimean Tatars, who were forced to leave their homes because of the occupation, have initiated the action to block Crimea. The Right Sector joined this action and took the important part in our common cause. Most fighters of the Right Sector left behind their homes, families, and jobs; they went to Donbass to defend Ukraine. Now we come to defend Crimea and our fellow citizens among the Crimean Tatars. We do not receive money or benefits for this. We are not interested in fame and recognition. Our only goal is the welfare and prosperity of our people in the independent and united Ukraine.

At the same time, it was reported to us that in the area of blockade the unknown individuals, pretending to be the Right Sector, commit misdeeds and try to extort money from the local businessmen and farmers. We emphasize: the fighters of the Right Sector are not involved in these illegal activities. For any such incidents our fighters would get a strict punishment. The operational groups were formed in the structure of our headquarters, which have the authority to respond to the situations that discredit the Right Sector and cause harm to our citizens. We ask to report all cases of using name and symbols of the Right Sector in such illegal activities to the operational headquarters of "The Blockade of Crimea" by calling 096 51 87 175.

We would be grateful for any assistance, voluntarily or based on patriotic beliefs, given by the caring citizens to the Right Sector fighters. However, we accept all donations only centrally.

If you want to support the Right Sector fighters involved in the blockade of Crimea, please transfer funds to the "Privat Bank" card 4731 2171 1108 2572 (Surzhenko Andrij Mykolajovych). The volunteers' help is accepted in the department of logistics (tel. 096 271 01 73).

We consider the Crimean blockade operation as the first step in returning the occupied peninsula. Only the joint and coordinated work of all patriots can help to return the occupied Crimea.

Glory to Ukraine!

Glory to the Heroes!

The Right Sector of Kharkov presented the logistics complex with a hostel for volunteers and soldiers of ATO

The Right Sector of Kharkov

During the war in eastern Ukraine, Kharkiv being in fact a front-line city has become a real logistics hub for volunteers, military persons, activists and volunteers. Thousands of people a day pass through Kharkiv to ATO zone and back. Since beginning of demobilization this flow has to be increased, and many soldiers may need a place of temporary accommodation, medical treatment, legal aid, etc.

For these reasons the Right Sector of the Kharkiv region was decided to create a unique for today logistics center, which combines a hostel for soldiers where they can have various kinds of help, and volunteer base where they could solve a range of important tasks. For example, to sort out shipment from a huge truck carrying aid to several sectors of ATO zone, to smaller carriage, that will deliver the shipment directly to requisite sector.

The scale and scope of the center is really impressive. In the future it will be able to accommodate more than two hundred guests contemporaneously, and more than twenty trucks could be located in the territory. More than thirty people pass through the center during the first working week before the official presentation.

Soldiers and volunteers who need to resolve their business in Kharkiv can contact the center at Saratovska street, 2A.

Special groups to identify byroads to the occupied Crimea are being formed

Спецгрупи для виявлення об'їздних доріг

This is the third day of the Crimea’s blockade at the administrative border of the peninsula.

The first two days of the blockade were calm, there were several provocations, but they were quickly revealed. Lorries were stopped at the checkpoints "Chaplynka" and "Kalanchak". Only empty lorries could pass through the checkpoints. Since 20 August 2015 no loaded trucks have entered the Crimea. Entry is permitted only for empty lorries, passenger cars and vehicles.

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Dmytro Yarosh about the complete blockade of Crimea

Дмитро Ярош про повну блокаду  Криму

The Leader of the National Liberation Movement The Right Sector Dmytro Yarosh believes that the complete blockade of not only the occupied Crimea is required. The Leader said that it is necessary to block the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. With this statement Dmytro Yarosh fully agreed with the commander of the UVC RS Andrii Stempitsjkyi, what he also wrote on his Facebook page.

"Absolutely agree with the commander of the UVC RS: the complete blockade of the occupied Crimea is necessary, and also of course, the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions ..."

Recall that it has been a third day of blocking the three land routes from Ukraine to the occupied peninsula of Crimea. There are the representatives of the NLM The Right Sector, headed by the Corps Commander Andrii Stempitskyi, and the Crimean Tatar activists take part in the blockade. The action joined: State Border Service, employees of the Interior Ministry, the Interior Ministry battalion "Kherson" and the activists of the battalion "Donbass". During the action period several hundreds trucks and lorries have not entered the occupied peninsula.

Crimea is blocked. The situation as of September 21

To date, the campaign to block the trade supplies coming to the annexed Crimea from free Ukraine is successful.

Roads that go through Chongar, Chaplinka and Kalanchak (Kherson region) are blocked. There are checkpoints organized by the Crimean Tatar community activists and Ukrainians, participants of the NLM "The Right Sector". Also the action was joined by the patrol and ordinary caring patriots. School buses and passenger cars are allowed to pass, while cargos are blocked. About 200 trucks are in line waiting for orders from their superiors, the rest - turned around and left. The attitude of drivers to such action is surprisingly positive, except for just a couple of verbal conflicts.

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News from the Crimea’s blockade

Meanwhile, in the occupied Crimea thoughts of consumers of Ukrainian products are divided. One group of the users of the odious "Sevastopol forum":

- Convinces that only betrayers buy Ukrainian goods;
- Believes that, once the bridge from Russia to their cities has been built, they’ll fix the wagon to Ukrainians;
- Claims that the local production will grow as a result of non-supply of Ukrainian products.

The rest, which has managed to go to a market, says the disappointing facts:

The Right Sector blocks the Crimea

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News from the Crimea’s blockade

Meanwhile, in the occupied Crimea thoughts of consumers of Ukrainian products are divided. One group of the users of the odious "Sevastopol forum":

- Convinces that only betrayers buy Ukrainian goods;

- Believes that, once the bridge from Russia to their cities has been built, they’ll fix the wagon to Ukrainians;

- Claims that the local production will grow as a result of non-supply of Ukrainian products.

The rest, which has managed to go to a market, says the disappointing facts:

News from the Crimea’s blockade

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Sequence of Events on the Border with Occupied Crimea (Updated)

Блокада Криму

14.10. Media reports that the trucks continue moving through one of the checkpoints. The border guards are trying to run them through as fast as possible to the occupied territory. This information is being clarified.

13.36. At the checkpoint of Chaplynka there are about 150 trucks.

13.20. "The Right Sector" blocks the road from the village of Chaplynka to Armyansk.

On September 20, an action to blockade the occupied Crimea has been launched.

The preparations are in process since morning. The direct blockade of the three roads leading to the occupied peninsula started at 12 o'clock.

To enhance the efficiency and ensure the safety of civilian protesters, "The Right Sector" has sent about a hundred fighters of the Ukrainian Volunteer Corps.

The actions of activists and fighters of "The Right Sector" are being coordinated by the operational command unit, headed by Friend "Horvath". The overall coordination of all structures of "The Right Sector", involved in the blockade, is conducted by Andriy Stempitskyy ("Letun"), the UVC Commander.

During the time of this action, the rotation of activists and fighters of "The Right Sector" is being planned.

The presence of nationalists at the action is needed, because there are reasons to believe that the Poroshenko’s regime will try to convert this action into "the window dressing".

As of the evening of September 20th, the Right Sector has already set up 2 checkpoints on the border with the Crimea: in the villages of Chonhar and Chaplynka. Therefore, traffic of trucks going to the occupied territory is completely blocked.

Addition: Some Ukrainian media spread the information that in the vicinity of Kalanchak, Kherson Region, some trucks were allowed to proceed to the occupied territory. The commander of the Volunteer Corps “The Right Sector” A. Stempitsky, who was at the checkpoint all day, denied this information and suggested that there might have been isolated cases of possible passage of trucks exclusively before the checkpoint was set up - in the morning. However, none of the trucks could pass the checkpoint while the Right Sector was in control.

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